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Concept Liver Cirrhosis
Concept Liver Neoplasms
Concept Liver Transplantation
Concept Liver Failure
Concept End Stage Liver Disease
Academic Article Willingness of Kidney and Liver Transplant Candidates to Receive HCV-Infected Organs.
Academic Article Regulations' Impact on Donor and Recipient Selection for Liver Transplantation: How Should Outcomes be Measured and MELD Exception Scores be Considered?
Academic Article Is Donor Service Area Market Competition Associated With Organ Procurement Organization Performance?
Academic Article Socioeconomic gradients between locally transplanted and exported liver donors and recipients.
Academic Article Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Transplantable Child-Pugh A Cirrhotics: Should Cost Affect Resection vs Transplantation?
Academic Article Do Social Determinants Define "Too Sick" to Transplant in Patients With End-stage Liver Disease?
Academic Article Market Competition and Density in Liver Transplantation: Relationship to Volume and Outcomes.
Academic Article Social determinants in liver transplantation.
Academic Article Distance is associated with mortality on the waitlist in pediatric liver transplantation.
Academic Article Wait expectations: The impact of delisting as an outcome from the kidney transplant waitlist.
Academic Article Health Literacy Burden Is Associated With Access to Liver Transplantation.
Academic Article Identifying and understanding variation in population-based access to liver transplantation in the United States.
Academic Article Sex-based Disparities in Access to Liver Transplantation for Waitlisted Patients With Model for end-stage Liver Disease Score of 40.
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