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Concept Transcription, Genetic
Academic Article Erythroid-induced commitment of K562 cells results in clusters of differentially expressed genes enriched for specific transcription regulatory elements.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulatory network analysis of developing human erythroid progenitors reveals patterns of coregulation and potential transcriptional regulators.
Academic Article The -175T----C mutation increases promoter strength in erythroid cells: correlation with evolutionary conservation of binding sites for two trans-acting factors.
Academic Article Functional analysis of a beta-globin gene containing a TATA box mutation from a Kurdish Jew with beta thalassemia.
Academic Article alpha Thalassemia and the expression of hemoglobin G-Philadelphia.
Academic Article Fluorescence-based RT PCR analysis: determination of the ratio of soluble to membrane-bound forms of Fc gamma RIIA transcripts in hematopoietic cell lines.
Academic Article Transcriptional activity of the genes for apoproteins A-I and E in neonatal rat liver.
Academic Article GATA and NF-Y participate in transcriptional regulation of FcgammaRIIA in megakaryocytic cells.
Academic Article A soluble form of the human Fc receptor Fc gamma RIIA: cloning, transcript analysis and detection.
Academic Article Characterization of the 5'-flanking transcriptional regulatory region of the human Fc gamma receptor gene, Fc gamma RIIA.
Academic Article Lineage-specific alternative splicing of the human Fc gamma RIIA transmembrane exon requires sequences near the 3' splice site.
Academic Article Differential expression of Fc gamma RIIA, Fc gamma RIIB and Fc gamma RIIC in hematopoietic cells: analysis of transcripts.
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