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Concept Obesity, Morbid
Academic Article Superior mesenteric artery syndrome after laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for morbid obesity.
Academic Article Omental infarction: a cause of acute abdominal pain after antecolic gastric bypass.
Academic Article Results of laparoscopic gastric bypass in patients with cirrhosis.
Academic Article Repair of acute gastroesophageal leak after laparoscopic gastric bypass using a covered stent.
Academic Article Repair of ventral hernias in morbidly obese patients undergoing laparoscopic gastric bypass should not be deferred.
Academic Article Minimally invasive management of complications from jejunoileal bypass.
Academic Article Analysis of perioperative outcomes, length of hospital stay, and readmission rate after gastric bypass.
Academic Article The impact of laparoscopic bariatric workshops on the practice patterns of surgeons.
Academic Article Management of ventral hernias during laparoscopic gastric bypass.
Academic Article Bariatric surgery in patients older than 65 years is safe and effective.
Academic Article Longitudinal analysis of cardiovascular parameters after gastric bypass surgery.
Academic Article Sexual dysfunction is common in the morbidly obese male and improves after gastric bypass surgery.
Academic Article Comparative analysis of short-term outcomes after bariatric surgery between two disparate populations.
Academic Article "Candy cane" Roux syndrome--a possible complication after gastric bypass surgery.
Academic Article Indications and Operative Outcomes of Gastric Bypass Reversal.
Academic Article Analysis of leukopenia and anemia after gastric bypass surgery.
Academic Article Outcomes with the adjustable gastric band.
Academic Article Acute changes in renal function after laparoscopic gastric surgery for morbid obesity.
Academic Article The effect of stoma size on weight loss after laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery: results of a blinded randomized controlled trial.
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