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Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 2
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 22
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 4
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 6
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 8
Concept Chromosomes, Human, X
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Y
Academic Article TFAP2A mutations result in branchio-oculo-facial syndrome.
Academic Article 47,XXX associated with malformations.
Academic Article Further delineation of Kabuki syndrome in 48 well-defined new individuals.
Academic Article Adults with genetic syndromes and cardiovascular abnormalities: clinical history and management.
Academic Article Recognition and management of adults with Turner syndrome: From the transition of adolescence through the senior years.
Academic Article Genotype-phenotype analysis of the branchio-oculo-facial syndrome.
Academic Article Reciprocal deletion and duplication at 2q23.1 indicates a role for MBD5 in autism spectrum disorder.
Academic Article Deletion of chromosome 8q22.1, a critical region for Nablus mask-like facial syndrome: four additional cases support a role of genetic modifiers in the manifestation of the phenotype.
Academic Article 45,X mosaicism in a population-based biobank: implications for Turner syndrome.
Academic Article Autosomal and X chromosome structural variants are associated with congenital heart defects in Turner syndrome: The NHLBI GenTAC registry.
Academic Article Cardiac phenotypes in chromosome 4q- syndrome with and without a deletion of the dHAND gene.
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