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Concept United States Environmental Protection Agency
Concept United States Food and Drug Administration
Academic Article Toxicity testing in the 21st century: a vision and a strategy.
Academic Article A case study in unethical transgressive bioethics: "Letter of concern from bioethicists" about the prenatal administration of dexamethasone.
Academic Article Introduction of the Thirty-Third Lauriston S. Taylor lecture in radiation protection and measurements, John D. Boice Jr.
Academic Article Bendectin and birth defects: hopefully, the final chapter.
Academic Article The Food and Drug Administration must require the addition of more folic acid in "enriched" flour and other grains.
Academic Article Conclusions and recommendations of the expert panel: technical workshop on human milk surveillance and biomonitoring for environmental chemicals in the United States.
Academic Article Nongenital malformations following exposure to progestational drugs: the last chapter of an erroneous allegation.
Academic Article Triumph and/or tragedy: the present Food and Drug Administration program of enriching grains with folic acid.
Academic Article The folate debate.
Academic Article The Daubert decision.
Academic Article In memoriam. Robert Warwick Miller.
Academic Article Evaluating emerging issues in epidemiology.
Academic Article Apgar score of 0 at 5 minutes and neonatal seizures or serious neurologic dysfunction in relation to birth setting.
Academic Article Planned home birth in the united states and professionalism: a critical assessment.
Academic Article Early and total neonatal mortality in relation to birth setting in the United States, 2006-2009.
Academic Article Perinatal risks of planned home births in the United States.
Academic Article Neonatal Mortality of Planned Home Birth in the United States in Relation to Professional Certification of Birth Attendants.
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