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Concept Bones of Upper Extremity
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Concept Bone Resorption
Concept Bone Density
Concept Fractures, Bone
Academic Article Effect of a novel procedure for limiting motion on body composition and bone estimates by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry in children.
Academic Article Nutrition, physical activity, and bone health in women.
Academic Article Sex differences in trabecular bone microarchitecture are not detected in pre and early pubertal children using magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Hip strength in adults with type 1 diabetes is associated with age at onset of diabetes.
Academic Article Impact of bone mineral estimates on percent fat estimates from a four-component model.
Academic Article Premenarcheal gymnasts possess higher bone mineral density than controls.
Academic Article Muscularity and the density of the fat-free mass in athletes.
Academic Article Effect of race and resistance training status on the density of fat-free mass and percent fat estimates.
Academic Article Relation of bone mineral density and content to mineral content and density of the fat-free mass.
Academic Article A prospective study of bone mass and body composition in female adolescent gymnasts.
Academic Article Does exercise during growth have a long-term effect on bone health?
Academic Article Bone turnover and body weight relationships differ in normal-weight compared with heavier postmenopausal women.
Academic Article Trabecular bone microarchitecture is deteriorated in men with spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Trabecular bone is more deteriorated in spinal cord injured versus estrogen-free postmenopausal women.
Academic Article Initial years of recreational artistic gymnastics training improves lumbar spine bone mineral accrual in 4- to 8-year-old females.
Academic Article Deteriorated geometric structure and strength of the midfemur in men with complete spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations in girls aged 4-8 y living in the southeastern United States.
Academic Article Former college artistic gymnasts maintain higher BMD: a nine-year follow-up.
Academic Article Underdeveloped trabecular bone microarchitecture is detected in children with cerebral palsy using high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Trabecular bone microarchitecture in female collegiate gymnasts.
Academic Article Comparison of body composition and bone mineral measurements from two DXA instruments in young men.
Academic Article The pattern of trabecular bone microarchitecture in the distal femur of typically developing children and its effect on processing of magnetic resonance images.
Academic Article Underdevelopment of trabecular bone microarchitecture in the distal femur of nonambulatory children with cerebral palsy becomes more pronounced with distance from the growth plate.
Academic Article Load-Specific Physical Activity Scores are Related to Tibia Bone Architecture.
Academic Article Muscle volume is related to trabecular and cortical bone architecture in typically developing children.
Academic Article Cortical bone deficit and fat infiltration of bone marrow and skeletal muscle in ambulatory children with mild spastic cerebral palsy.
Grant Effect of botulinum toxin plus vibration on bone in children with cerebral palsy
Grant Vitamin K and Bone in Children with Cerebral Palsy
Academic Article Obese Versus Normal-Weight Late-Adolescent Females have Inferior Trabecular Bone Microarchitecture: A Pilot Case-Control Study.
Academic Article Bone marrow fat physiology in relation to skeletal metabolism and cardiometabolic disease risk in children with cerebral palsy.
Academic Article The effect of zoledronic acid on attenuation of bone loss at the hip and knee following acute traumatic spinal cord injury: a randomized-controlled study.
Academic Article Complicated Muscle-Bone Interactions in Children with Cerebral Palsy.
Academic Article Quantifying bone marrow fat using standard T1-weighted magnetic resonance images in children with typical development and in children with cerebral palsy.
Academic Article Test-Retest Reliability and Correlates of Vertebral Bone Marrow Lipid Composition by Lipidomics Among Children With Varying Degrees of Bone Fragility.
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