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Concept Tendons
Academic Article Influence of decorin on the mechanical, compositional, and structural properties of the mouse patellar tendon.
Academic Article Decorin expression is important for age-related changes in tendon structure and mechanical properties.
Academic Article Effect of altered matrix proteins on quasilinear viscoelastic properties in transgenic mouse tail tendons.
Academic Article The role of decorin in collagen fibrillogenesis and skin homeostasis.
Academic Article Strain-rate sensitive mechanical properties of tendon fascicles from mice with genetically engineered alterations in collagen and decorin.
Academic Article Investigating tendon fascicle structure-function relationships in a transgenic-age mouse model using multiple regression models.
Academic Article Influence of decorin and biglycan on mechanical properties of multiple tendons in knockout mice.
Academic Article Decorin regulates assembly of collagen fibrils and acquisition of biomechanical properties during tendon development.
Academic Article Effect of age and proteoglycan deficiency on collagen fiber re-alignment and mechanical properties in mouse supraspinatus tendon.
Academic Article The location-specific role of proteoglycans in the flexor carpi ulnaris tendon.
Academic Article The Tendon Injury Response is Influenced by Decorin and Biglycan.
Academic Article The injury response of aged tendons in the absence of biglycan and decorin.
Academic Article Decorin and biglycan are necessary for maintaining collagen fibril structure, fiber realignment, and mechanical properties of mature tendons.
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