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Academic Article Effects of varying the load force range and frequency on force coordination in static manipulation.
Academic Article Development of anthropometric and physical performance profiles of young elite male soccer players: a longitudinal study.
Academic Article Alternating consecutive maximum contractions as a test of muscle function.
Academic Article The rate of force development scaling factor (RFD-SF): protocol, reliability, and muscle comparisons.
Academic Article Evaluation of alternating consecutive maximum contractions as an alternative test of neuromuscular function.
Academic Article Standard anthropometric, body composition, and strength variables as predictors of jumping performance in elite junior athletes.
Academic Article Muscle force and muscle torque in humans require different methods when adjusting for differences in body size.
Academic Article Symmetry of discrete and oscillatory elbow movements: does it depend on torque that the agonist and antagonist muscle can exert?
Academic Article Muscle strength testing: use of normalisation for body size.
Academic Article Role of body size in the relation between muscle strength and movement performance.
Academic Article Muscle strength testing: evaluation of tests of explosive force production.
Academic Article Muscle strength assessment from functional performance tests: role of body size.
Academic Article Movement performance and body size: the relationship for different groups of tests.
Academic Article Coordination of hand grip and load forces in uni- and bidirectional static force production tasks.
Academic Article Normalizing physical performance tests for body size: a proposal for standardization.
Academic Article Evaluation of a method for bimanual testing coordination of hand grip and load forces under isometric conditions.
Academic Article Scaling of muscle power to body size: the effect of stretch-shortening cycle.
Academic Article Elaborate force coordination of precision grip could be generalized to bimanual grasping techniques.
Academic Article Evaluation of Margaria staircase test: the effect of body size.
Academic Article Force coordination in static bimanual manipulation: effect of handedness.
Academic Article Force coordination in static manipulation tasks: effects of the change in direction and handedness.
Academic Article Positive and negative loading and mechanical output in maximum vertical jumping.
Academic Article Force coordination in static manipulation: discerning the contribution of muscle synergies and cutaneous afferents.
Academic Article Leg muscles design: the maximum dynamic output hypothesis.
Academic Article Grip force adaptation in manipulation activities performed under different coating and grasping conditions.
Academic Article Generalization of Muscle Strength Capacities as Assessed From Different Variables, Tests, and Muscle Groups.
Academic Article A Novel Two-Velocity Method for Elaborate Isokinetic Testing of Knee Extensors.
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