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Concept Laryngoscopy
Academic Article The complexities of tracheal intubation with direct laryngoscopy and alternative intubation devices.
Academic Article Video laryngoscopy, regardless of blade shape, still requires a backup plan.
Academic Article Bimanual laryngoscopy: a videographic study of external laryngeal manipulation by novice intubators.
Academic Article Head-elevated laryngoscopy position: improving laryngeal exposure during laryngoscopy by increasing head elevation.
Academic Article Anesthetic considerations for bariatric surgery: proper positioning is important for laryngoscopy.
Academic Article Patient safety in emergency airway management and rapid sequence intubation: metaphorical lessons from skydiving.
Academic Article Alternating day emergency medicine and anesthesia resident responsibility for management of the trauma airway: a study of laryngoscopy performance and intubation success.
Academic Article Limitations of difficult airway prediction in patients intubated in the emergency department.
Academic Article Laryngoscopy and morbid obesity: a comparison of the "sniff" and "ramped" positions.
Academic Article Laryngeal view during laryngoscopy: a randomized trial comparing cricoid pressure, backward-upward-rightward pressure, and bimanual laryngoscopy.
Academic Article Design rationale and intended use of a short optical stylet for routine fiberoptic augmentation of emergency laryngoscopy.
Academic Article Emergency airway management in a morbidly obese, noncooperative, rapidly deteriorating patient.
Academic Article The mystique of direct laryngoscopy.
Academic Article Performance failure of a colorimetric end-tidal CO2 detector.
Academic Article Redirecting the Laryngoscopy Debate and Optimizing Emergency Airway Management.
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