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Concept Ankle Joint
Academic Article A novel dynamic ankle-supinating device.
Academic Article Plantar pressure during running in subjects with chronic ankle instability.
Academic Article Examining neuromuscular control during landings on a supinating platform in persons with and without ankle instability.
Academic Article Role of external prophylactic support in restricting accessory ankle motion after exercise.
Academic Article Effect of strength and proprioception training on eversion to inversion strength ratios in subjects with unilateral functional ankle instability.
Academic Article Quantitative assessment of mechanical laxity in the functionally unstable ankle.
Academic Article Foot characteristics in association with inversion ankle injury.
Academic Article The effect of fatigue and habituation on the stretch reflex of the ankle musculature.
Academic Article Neuromuscular control and ankle instability.
Academic Article Effect of elastic taping on postural control deficits in subjects with healthy ankles, copers, and individuals with functional ankle instability.
Academic Article Examining Ankle-Joint Laxity Using 2 Knee Positions and With Simulated Muscle Guarding.
Academic Article The relationship between the sensory responses to ankle-joint loading and corticomotor excitability.
Academic Article Identifying Range-of-Motion Deficits and Talocrural Joint Laxity After an Acute Lateral Ankle Sprain.
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