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Academic Article Break-induced replication is a source of mutation clusters underlying kataegis.
Academic Article Requirements for 5'dRP/AP lyase activity in Ku.
Academic Article Damage-induced localized hypermutability.
Academic Article Hypermutation in human cancer genomes: footprints and mechanisms.
Academic Article An APOBEC3A hypermutation signature is distinguishable from the signature of background mutagenesis by APOBEC3B in human cancers.
Academic Article APOBEC-Induced Cancer Mutations Are Uniquely Enriched in Early-Replicating, Gene-Dense, and Active Chromatin Regions.
Academic Article Clustered mutations in yeast and in human cancers can arise from damaged long single-strand DNA regions.
Academic Article Base damage within single-strand DNA underlies in vivo hypermutability induced by a ubiquitous environmental agent.
Academic Article Mutational heterogeneity in cancer and the search for new cancer-associated genes.
Academic Article An APOBEC cytidine deaminase mutagenesis pattern is widespread in human cancers.
Academic Article The Impact of Environmental and Endogenous Damage on Somatic Mutation Load in Human Skin Fibroblasts.
Academic Article Avoidance of APOBEC3B-induced mutation by error-free lesion bypass.
Grant Genome-wide analysis of UV damage formation, repair, and mutagenesis
Grant Mechanisms of genome instability induced by APOBEC Cytidine Deaminases and its impacts during cancer development.
Grant Environmentally-modulated cytosine deamination in genome instability and cancer
Academic Article Nucleosome positions establish an extended mutation signature in melanoma.
Academic Article Recurrent Noncoding Mutations in Skin Cancers: UV Damage Susceptibility or Repair Inhibition as Primary Driver?
Academic Article Asymmetric repair of UV damage in nucleosomes imposes a DNA strand polarity on somatic mutations in skin cancer.
Academic Article Atypical UV Photoproducts Induce Non-canonical Mutation Classes Associated with Driver Mutations in Melanoma.
Academic Article CTCF binding modulates UV damage formation to promote mutation hot spots in melanoma.
Academic Article APOBEC-Induced Mutagenesis in Cancer.
Academic Article The bile salt deoxycholate induces Campylobacter jejuni genetic point mutations that promote increased antibiotic resistance and fitness.
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