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Academic Article Single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation for acute treatment of migraine with aura: a randomised, double-blind, parallel-group, sham-controlled trial.
Academic Article Migraine in women with chronic pelvic pain with and without endometriosis.
Academic Article Efficacy and safety of MAP0004, orally inhaled DHE in treating migraines with and without allodynia.
Academic Article Drug overuse and rebound headache.
Academic Article Olanzapine in the treatment of refractory migraine and chronic daily headache.
Academic Article Intravenous propofol in the treatment of refractory headache.
Academic Article Re: chronic daily headache in children and adolescents presenting to tertiary headache clinics.
Academic Article Botulinum toxin type A: myths, facts, and current research.
Academic Article Neurotoxins in the neurobiology of pain.
Academic Article Anticonvulsants in migraine.
Academic Article Consensus statement: cardiovascular safety profile of triptans (5-HT agonists) in the acute treatment of migraine.
Academic Article Cardiovascular tolerability and safety of triptans: a review of clinical data.
Academic Article Headache management for the pain specialist.
Academic Article Can allodynic migraine patients be identified interictally using a questionnaire?
Academic Article Tramadol/acetaminophen for the treatment of acute migraine pain: findings of a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.
Academic Article Headaches in pregnancy.
Academic Article The Global Campaign (GC) to Reduce the Burden of Headache Worldwide. The International Team for Specialist Education (ITSE).
Academic Article Botulinum neurotoxins: origins and basic mechanisms of action.
Academic Article Efficacy and tolerability of zolmitriptan oral tablet in the acute treatment of menstrual migraine.
Academic Article Cephalalgiaphobia: a possible specific phobia of illness.
Academic Article Combination therapy in acute migraine treatment: the rationale behind the current treatment options.
Academic Article Cutaneous allodynia in the migraine population.
Academic Article Multiple intracerebral hemorrhages after cervical epidural injections.
Academic Article Migraine prophylaxis with botulinum toxin A is associated with perception of headache.
Academic Article Headache prophylaxis with BoNTA: patient characteristics.
Academic Article Scheduled short-term prevention with frovatriptan for migraine occurring exclusively in association with menstruation.
Academic Article Safety and tolerability of short-term preventive frovatriptan: a combined analysis.
Academic Article Lower-dose diclofenac submicron particle capsules provide early and sustained acute patient pain relief in a phase 3 study.
Academic Article Is the migraine brain super-active?
Academic Article Assessing clinically meaningful treatment effects in controlled trials: chronic migraine as an example.
Academic Article Providing Care for Patients with Chronic Migraine: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management.
Academic Article Long-Term Pain Reduction Does Not Imply Improved Functional Outcome in Patients Treated With Combined Supraorbital and Occipital Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Migraine.
Academic Article Percutaneous Closure of Patent Foramen Ovale in Patients With Migraine: The PREMIUM Trial.
Academic Article Ketamine for Refractory Headache: A Retrospective Analysis.
Academic Article Erenumab in the treatment of migraine.
Academic Article Galcanezumab in episodic migraine: subgroup analyses of efficacy by high versus low frequency of migraine headaches in phase 3 studies (EVOLVE-1 & EVOLVE-2).
Academic Article Correction to: Galcanezumab in episodic migraine: subgroup analyses of efficacy by high versus low frequency of migraine headaches in phase 3 studies (EVOLVE-1 & EVOLVE-2).
Academic Article The impact of fremanezumab on medication overuse in patients with chronic migraine: subgroup analysis of the HALO CM study.
Academic Article Eptinezumab for the prevention of chronic migraine: efficacy and safety through 24?weeks of treatment in the phase 3 PROMISE-2 (Prevention of migraine via intravenous ALD403 safety and efficacy-2) study.
Academic Article The Impact of OnabotulinumtoxinA vs. Placebo on Efficacy Outcomes in Headache Day Responder and Nonresponder Patients with Chronic Migraine.
Academic Article Treatment benefit among migraine patients taking fremanezumab: results from a post hoc responder analysis of two placebo-controlled trials.
Academic Article Benefits Beyond Headache Days With OnabotulinumtoxinA Treatment: A Pooled PREEMPT Analysis.
Academic Article Lidocaine infusions for refractory chronic migraine: a retrospective analysis.
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