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Concept Bone and Bones
Concept Bone Diseases, Metabolic
Concept Bone Regeneration
Concept Bone Density
Concept Bone Remodeling
Concept Fractures, Bone
Concept Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2
Academic Article In situ permeability measurement of the mammalian lacunar-canalicular system.
Academic Article Perlecan/Hspg2 deficiency alters the pericellular space of the lacunocanalicular system surrounding osteocytic processes in cortical bone.
Academic Article Heparin-decorated, hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel particles for the controlled release of bone morphogenetic protein 2.
Academic Article Association of the a(2)d(1) subunit with Ca(v)3.2 enhances membrane expression and regulates mechanically induced ATP release in MLO-Y4 osteocytes.
Academic Article Parathyroid hormone enhances mechanically induced bone formation, possibly involving L-type voltage-sensitive calcium channels.
Academic Article Fluid shear-induced NFkappaB translocation in osteoblasts is mediated by intracellular calcium release.
Academic Article Fluid shear-induced ATP secretion mediates prostaglandin release in MC3T3-E1 osteoblasts.
Academic Article The P2X7 nucleotide receptor mediates skeletal mechanotransduction.
Academic Article The Wnt co-receptor LRP5 is essential for skeletal mechanotransduction but not for the anabolic bone response to parathyroid hormone treatment.
Academic Article PTH-induced actin depolymerization increases mechanosensitive channel activity to enhance mechanically stimulated Ca2+ signaling in osteoblasts.
Academic Article Activation of extracellular-signal regulated kinase (ERK1/2) by fluid shear is Ca(2+)- and ATP-dependent in MC3T3-E1 osteoblasts.
Academic Article P2X7 nucleotide receptor plays an important role in callus remodeling during fracture repair.
Academic Article Systemic Injection of CK2.3, a Novel Peptide Acting Downstream of Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor BMPRIa, Leads to Increased Trabecular Bone Mass.
Academic Article Inhibition of T-Type Voltage Sensitive Calcium Channel Reduces Load-Induced OA in Mice and Suppresses the Catabolic Effect of Bone Mechanical Stress on Chondrocytes.
Grant Mechanotransduction: Puringergic Signaling in Bone
Grant Issues of Mechanosensitivity in Osteoblasts
Grant PTH Reduces the Mechanical Threshold in Osteoblasts
Academic Article The Preservation of Bone Cell Viability in a Human Femoral Head through a Perfusion Bioreactor.
Academic Article Mechanisms of Cellular Internalization of Quantum Dot® Conjugated Bone Formation Mimetic Peptide CK2.3.
Academic Article Synthetic Peptide CK2.3 Enhances Bone Mineral Density in Senile Mice.
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