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Concept Hydrogels
Academic Article Effects of matrix composition, microstructure, and viscoelasticity on the behaviors of vocal fold fibroblasts cultured in three-dimensional hydrogel networks.
Academic Article Tunable mechanical stability and deformation response of a resilin-based elastomer.
Academic Article Injectable perlecan domain 1-hyaluronan microgels potentiate the cartilage repair effect of BMP2 in a murine model of early osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Hyaluronan (HA) Interacting Proteins RHAMM and Hyaluronidase Impact Prostate Cancer Cell Behavior and Invadopodia Formation in 3D HA-Based Hydrogels.
Academic Article Hyaluronic acid-based microgels and microgel networks for vocal fold regeneration.
Academic Article Fabrication and characterization of cross-linkable hydrogel particles based on hyaluronic acid: potential application in vocal fold regeneration.
Academic Article Hybrid multicomponent hydrogels for tissue engineering.
Academic Article Hyaluronic acid-based hydrogels as 3D matrices for in vitro evaluation of chemotherapeutic drugs using poorly adherent prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Perlecan domain I-conjugated, hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel particles for enhanced chondrogenic differentiation via BMP-2 release.
Academic Article Hyaluronic Acid-based hydrogels containing covalently integrated drug depots: implication for controlling inflammation in mechanically stressed tissues.
Academic Article Hybrid, elastomeric hydrogels crosslinked by multifunctional block copolymer micelles.
Academic Article Assembly Properties of an Alanine-Rich, Lysine-Containing Peptide and the Formation of Peptide/Polymer Hybrid Hydrogels.
Academic Article Hyaluronic Acid-Based Hydrogels: from a Natural Polysaccharide to Complex Networks.
Academic Article Mechano-Responsive Hydrogels Crosslinked by Block Copolymer Micelles.
Academic Article Biomimetic Hydrogels Incorporating Polymeric Cell-Adhesive Peptide To Promote the 3D Assembly of Tumoroids.
Academic Article Resilin-Like Polypeptide Hydrogels Engineered for Versatile Biological Functions.
Academic Article Core-shell patterning of synthetic hydrogels via interfacial bioorthogonal chemistry for spatial control of stem cell behavior.
Academic Article Chemical Synthesis of Biomimetic Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering.
Academic Article RGDSP-Decorated Hyaluronate Hydrogels Facilitate Rapid 3D Expansion of Amylase-Expressing Salivary Gland Progenitor Cells.
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