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overview Industry Associated Positions: 1997 - 2004 Applications Scientist, Phase 3 Imaging Systems, Inc., Glen Mills, PA Postgraduate Training and Fellowship Appointments: 1996 Post-Doctoral Fellow, New Jersey Department of Human Services 1997 - 1998 Director, Cell Morphology Core, Institute of Human Gene Therapy 1998 - 2004 Applications Scientist, Phase 3 Imaging Systems, Inc., Glen Mills, PA 2004 - 2005 Research Associate, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Faculty Appointments: 1997 - 1998 Research Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics, Univ. of Penn 2006 - Present Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Memberships in Professional and Scientific Societies: 1994 - Present American Association for the Advancement of Science 2005 - 2009 American Society for Bone and Mineral Research 2006 - Present Orthopaedic Research Society Academic Committees at Thomas Jefferson University: Thomas Jefferson University Research Strategic Planning Committee Member 2010 - 2011 Thomas Jefferson University Graduate School Faculty - Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine and Cell and Developmental Biology Major Teaching Responsibilities at Thomas Jefferson University and other Universities: 2006 - Present - Lecturer Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Courses 2006 - Present - Host Laboratory for School of Health Sciences Student Rotations 1996-97 - Functional Histology, Jefferson College of Health Professions 1995-96 - Histology Laboratory, UMDNJ 1994-96 - Comparative Anatomy, Lecture and Lab, Rutgers University 1986-1992 - Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Biology Lab, Burl. County Comm. College
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Concept Bone and Bones
Concept Bone Development
Concept Bone Resorption
Concept Bone Morphogenetic Proteins
Concept Fractures, Bone
Concept Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4
Academic Article Syndecan-3: a cell-surface heparan sulfate proteoglycan important for chondrocyte proliferation and function during limb skeletogenesis.
Academic Article Expression of Indian Hedgehog, BMP-4 and Noggin in craniosynostosis induced by fetal constraint.
Academic Article Micro-CT analysis with multiple thresholds allows detection of bone formation and resorption during ultrasound-treated fracture healing.
Academic Article Oxygen tension regulates the expression of ANK (progressive ankylosis) in an HIF-1-dependent manner in growth plate chondrocytes.
Academic Article Identifying Patient-Specific Pathology in Osteoarthritis Development Based on MicroCT Analysis of Subchondral Trabecular Bone.
Academic Article Chemical modification of extracellular matrix by cold atmospheric plasma-generated reactive species affects chondrogenesis and bone formation.
Academic Article Histone-targeted gene transfer of bone morphogenetic protein-2 enhances mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenic differentiation.
Concept Cortical Bone
Grant Plasma-based therapies for bone infection: A tripartite USA/Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland consortium
Academic Article Fracture behavior of human cortical bone: Role of advanced glycation end-products and microstructural features.
Academic Article Computational study of the mechanical influence of lacunae and perilacunar zones in cortical bone microcracking.
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