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Concept Multiple Sclerosis
Concept Multiple Sclerosis, Relapsing-Remitting
Academic Article Cladribine: mode of action and implications for treatment of multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Genetics of multiple sclerosis: determinants of autoimmunity and neurodegeneration.
Academic Article A mitochondrial component of neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Familial multiple sclerosis and other inherited disorders of the white matter.
Academic Article Association of haplotypes in the beta-chemokine locus with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article CD45 (PTPRC) as a candidate gene in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Genetic variants of Complex I in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Clinical-magnetic resonance imaging correlations in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article A phase I trial of an interleukin-12/23 monoclonal antibody in relapsing multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article The potential role for cladribine in the treatment of multiple sclerosis: clinical experience and development of an oral tablet formulation.
Academic Article Toward a practical protocol for human optic nerve DTI with EPI geometric distortion correction.
Academic Article Thickness of retinal nerve fiber layer correlates with disease duration in parallel with corticospinal tract dysfunction in untreated multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging and treatment effects of multiple sclerosis therapeutics.
Academic Article Multitasking in multiple sclerosis: can it inform vocational functioning?
Academic Article Novel therapeutics in multiple sclerosis management: clinical applications.
Academic Article Effect of oral cladribine on time to conversion to clinically definite multiple sclerosis in patients with a first demyelinating event (ORACLE MS): a phase 3 randomised trial.
Academic Article Therapy optimization in multiple sclerosis: a prospective observational study of therapy compliance and outcomes.
Academic Article Expression of GM-CSF in T Cells Is Increased in Multiple Sclerosis and Suppressed by IFN-ß Therapy.
Academic Article Comparing outcomes from clinical studies of oral disease-modifying therapies (dimethyl fumarate, fingolimod, and teriflunomide) in relapsing MS: Assessing absolute differences using a number needed to treat analysis.
Academic Article Safety of cladribine tablets in the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis: An integrated analysis.
Academic Article Development and Validation of the FSIQ-RMS: A New Patient-Reported Questionnaire to Assess Symptoms and Impacts of Fatigue in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis.
Academic Article Effects of cladribine tablets on lymphocyte subsets in patients with multiple sclerosis: an extended analysis of surface markers.
Academic Article N-acetyl Cysteine Administration Is Associated With Increased Cerebral Glucose Metabolism in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis: An Exploratory Study.
Academic Article Pregnancy Outcomes During the Clinical Development Program of Cladribine in Multiple Sclerosis: An Integrated Analysis of Safety.
Academic Article The Development of Cladribine Tablets for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis: A Comprehensive Review.
Academic Article Subgroup analysis of clinical and MRI outcomes in participants with a first clinical demyelinating event at risk of multiple sclerosis in the ORACLE-MS study.
Academic Article Challenges in multiple sclerosis care: Results from an international mixed-methods study.
Academic Article Early MRI outcomes in participants with a first clinical demyelinating event at risk of multiple sclerosis in the ORACLE-MS study.
Academic Article N-acetyl cysteine administration affects cerebral blood flow as measured by arterial spin labeling MRI in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Analysis of frequency and severity of relapses in multiple sclerosis patients treated with cladribine tablets or placebo: The CLARITY and CLARITY Extension studies.
Academic Article Treatment-emergent adverse events occurring early in the treatment course of cladribine tablets in two phase 3 trials in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Ocrelizumab treatment for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis after a suboptimal response to previous disease-modifying therapy: A nonrandomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Side effects that occurred early in people with multiple sclerosis during the first year of treatment with cladribine tablets: a plain language summary.
Academic Article Integrated Lymphopenia Analysis in Younger and Older Patients With Multiple Sclerosis Treated With Cladribine Tablets.
Academic Article Multiple sclerosis: relationship between locus of control and quality of life in persons with low versus high disability.
Academic Article T cell responses to COVID-19 infection and vaccination in patients with multiple sclerosis receiving disease-modifying therapy.
Academic Article Relapses in people with multiple sclerosis treated with cladribine tablets followed for up to 5?years: a plain language summary.
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