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overview CLINICAL APPOINTMENTS (1997-present) Attending Neurologist, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, 1997 To Present APPOINTMENTS Course Director, Academy of Neurology full day course Board of Directors, at large member, American Headache Society International Headache Society Classification Committee - New Daily Persistent Headache EDITORIAL ACTIVITIES - Peer Reviewer: Headache, Cephalalgia, Neurology PRESENTATIONS (1997-present) - Migraine - The Big Picture. Grand Rounds, Christiana Hospital, Wilmington, Delaware, 2/25/97 - Post Traumatic Headache. Fourth Annual Headache Symposium, University of South Florida College of Medicine, Tampa, Florida, 3/14/97 - Lecture: Diagnosis and Management of Migraine. Buffalo Psychiatric Center, Buffalo, New York, 4/4/97 - Lecture: Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache. PA Students, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 4/8/97 - Lecture: Updates on Migraine. Neuroscience Conference, Medical Center of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, 5/8/97 - Migraine, Refractory Headache, and Increased Intracranial Pressure. Platform Presentation, 8th Congress of the International Headache Society, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 6/10-14/97 - Guidelines for the use of ergotamine and dihydroergotamine. Clinical Update of Dihydroergotamine. An official satellite symposium at the 8th Congress of the International Headache Society, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 6/11/97 - Faculty, Migranal Nasal Spray Speakers Bureau Meetings, San Francisco, California, 9/12-14/97 Post-Traumatic Headache. Common Neurological Disorders in Clinical Practice, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 5/8/98 - Epidemiology and Treatment Patterns. Washington, D.C., 6/13/98 - Moderator, Interesting Case Vignettes: A Panel Discussion. Second Jefferson Headache Symposium, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 10/24/98 - Headache in the Elderly.Common Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Geriatrics, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 11/6/98 - Treatment of Migraine Headache. Grand Rounds, Park Ridge Hospital, Rochester, New York, 11/10/98 - Lecture: Acute Treatment of Migraine. Headache Ambassadors Program, Boston, Massachusetts, 9/23/00 - Lecture: Acute Treatment of Migraine. Headache Ambassadors Program, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 10/7/00 - Lecture: Overview of Migraine. Headache Management in Primary Care Practice. Jefferson Health Care College. Issues in Primary Care, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 11/11/00 TEACHING ACTIVITIES (1997-present) 1990-1997: - Present quarterly lecture to medical students, interns, and residents - Teach and evaluate medical students from Temple University and PCOM - Teach and evaluate residents from Temple University, Pennsylvania Hospital, Graduate Hospital, University of Pennsylvania 1996-1997: Supervise and teach Headache Fellow 1997-1998: Supervise and teach Headache Fellow 1998 To Present: Supervise and teach neurology residents and medical students
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Concept Migraine Disorders
Concept Migraine with Aura
Academic Article Naming migraine and those who have it.
Academic Article Interictal pain in primary headache syndromes.
Academic Article The stigma of migraine.
Academic Article Olanzapine in the treatment of refractory migraine and chronic daily headache.
Academic Article Consecutive transcranial magnetic stimulation: phosphene thresholds in migraineurs and controls.
Academic Article Anticonvulsants in migraine.
Academic Article The effects of greater occipital nerve block and trigger point injection on brush allodynia and pain in migraine.
Academic Article Acute migraine treatment: patterns of use and satisfaction in a clinical population.
Academic Article Migraine with unilateral motor symptoms: a case-control study.
Academic Article Steroids and aseptic osteonecrosis (AON) in migraine patients.
Academic Article Dihydroergotamine for early and late treatment of migraine with cutaneous allodynia: an open-label pilot trial.
Academic Article A knockout punch: C. Miller Fisher's migraine accompaniments.
Academic Article The first 5 minutes after greater occipital nerve block.
Academic Article Preventive treatment of migraine: effect on weight.
Academic Article Correlation of increase in phosphene threshold with reduction of migraine frequency: observation of levetiracetam-treated subjects.
Academic Article Allodynia as a complication of migraine: background and management.
Academic Article Exploring home allodynia testing for future clinical and scientific uses.
Academic Article Neuroleptics and migraine.
Academic Article Duloxetine prophylaxis for episodic migraine in persons without depression: a prospective study.
Academic Article Occipital nerve stimulation for chronic migraine.
Academic Article Efficacy and Tolerability of STOPAIN for a Migraine Attack.
Academic Article Long-Term Pain Reduction Does Not Imply Improved Functional Outcome in Patients Treated With Combined Supraorbital and Occipital Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Migraine.
Academic Article De-Stigmatizing Migraine - With Words.
Academic Article The Effect of Onabotulinum Toxin on Aura Frequency and Severity in Patients With Hemiplegic Migraine - A Comment.
Academic Article Effects of onabotulinumtoxinA treatment in chronic migraine patients with and without daily headache at baseline: results from the COMPEL Study.
Academic Article Migraine: Stigma in Society.
Academic Article Stigma and Migraine: Developing Effective Interventions.
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