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Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article Assessment of the posterior ligamentous complex following acute cervical spine trauma.
Academic Article Using magnetic resonance imaging to accurately assess injury to the posterior ligamentous complex of the spine: a prospective comparison of the surgeon and radiologist.
Academic Article Preface: Normal variants and pitfalls in musculoskeletal MRI.
Academic Article Knee articular cartilage damage in osteoarthritis: analysis of MR image biomarker reproducibility in ACRIN-PA 4001 multicenter trial.
Academic Article Effect of spinal segment variants on numbering vertebral levels at lumbar MR imaging.
Academic Article Limitations of radiographs in evaluating non-displaced osteochondral lesions of the talus.
Academic Article The Charcot foot in diabetes.
Academic Article The Charcot foot in diabetes.
Academic Article Research synthesis: what is the diagnostic performance of magnetic resonance imaging to discriminate benign from malignant vertebral compression fractures? Systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Imaging of hip injuries in dancers.
Academic Article Anatomical relationships of the anterior blood vessels to the lower lumbar intervertebral discs: analysis based on magnetic resonance imaging of patients in the prone position.
Academic Article Nonenhancing tissue on MR imaging of pedal infection: characterization of necrotic tissue and associated limitations for diagnosis of osteomyelitis and abscess.
Academic Article Pelvic heterotopic ossification: MR imaging characteristics.
Academic Article Shoulder instability: accuracy of MR imaging performed after surgery in depicting recurrent injury--initial findings.
Academic Article Limitations of MR imaging in the diagnosis of peripheral tears of the triangular fibrocartilage of the wrist.
Academic Article Is soft-tissue inflammation in pedal infection contained by fascial planes? MR analysis of compartmental involvement in 115 feet.
Academic Article Effects of iodinated contrast and field strength on gadolinium enhancement: implications for direct MR arthrography.
Academic Article MR image analysis of pedal osteomyelitis: distribution, patterns of spread, and frequency of associated ulceration and septic arthritis.
Academic Article Pedal abscesses in patients suspected of having pedal osteomyelitis: analysis with MR imaging.
Academic Article Tendon involvement in pedal infection: MR analysis of frequency, distribution, and spread of infection.
Academic Article Picture archiving and communication system: effect on reporting of incidental findings.
Academic Article Work-up of the diabetic foot.
Academic Article Internal derangement of the wrist: indirect MR arthrography versus unenhanced MR imaging.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging of sports injuries of the ankle.
Academic Article MR imaging findings in spinal infections: rules or myths?
Academic Article MRI of an intratendinous ganglion cyst of the peroneus brevis tendon.
Academic Article MRI features of intersection syndrome of the forearm.
Academic Article MRI findings of septic arthritis and associated osteomyelitis in adults.
Academic Article MRI findings associated with distal tibiofibular syndesmosis injury.
Academic Article Trends in utilization: has extremity MR imaging replaced diagnostic arthroscopy?
Academic Article Thoracic spine disc-related abnormalities: longitudinal MR imaging assessment.
Academic Article MR imaging of the diabetic foot.
Academic Article Anterior cruciate ligament ganglia and mucoid degeneration: coexistence and clinical correlation.
Academic Article MRI in the diagnosis of cartilage injury in the wrist.
Academic Article Medial meniscus extrusion on knee MRI: is extent associated with severity of degeneration or type of tear?
Academic Article MRI characteristics of olecranon bursitis.
Academic Article MRI criteria for patella alta and baja.
Academic Article MR imaging of diabetic foot infection.
Academic Article Imaging of the talus.
Academic Article Evaluation of posterior tibial pathology: comparison of sonography and MR imaging.
Academic Article Comparison of fat-suppressed T2-weighted fast spin-echo sequence and modified STIR sequence in the evaluation of the rotator cuff tendon.
Academic Article Indirect MR arthrography: concepts and controversies.
Academic Article Benign and malignant processes: normal values and differentiation with chemical shift MR imaging in vertebral marrow.
Academic Article Differential diagnosis of pedal osteomyelitis and diabetic neuroarthropathy: MR Imaging.
Academic Article Optimization of indirect arthrography of the knee by application of external heat: initial experience.
Academic Article Technical considerations in MR imaging of the hip.
Academic Article MR imaging of hip infection and inflammation.
Academic Article Abnormalities on MRI of the subscapularis tendon in the presence of a full-thickness supraspinatus tendon tear.
Academic Article Neuropathic arthropathy of the foot with and without superimposed osteomyelitis: MR imaging characteristics.
Academic Article Edematous Schmorl's nodes on thoracolumbar MR imaging: characteristic patterns and changes over time.
Academic Article Quadriceps fat pad edema: significance on magnetic resonance images of the knee.
Academic Article Osteochondral lesions of the talus: change in MRI findings over time in talar lesions without operative intervention and implications for staging systems.
Academic Article Posterior longitudinal ligament status in cervical spine bilateral facet dislocations.
Academic Article Flexor carpi radialis tendinopathy: spectrum of imaging findings and association with triscaphe arthritis.
Academic Article Postoperative imaging of the ankle and foot.
Academic Article Unsuspected lower extremity deep venous thrombosis simulating musculoskeletal pathology.
Academic Article High-signal T2 changes of the bone marrow of the foot and ankle in children: red marrow or traumatic changes?
Academic Article Distal intersection tenosynovitis of the wrist: a lesser-known extensor tendinopathy with characteristic MR imaging features.
Academic Article Prospective evaluation of contrast-enhanced MR imaging after uncomplicated lumbar discography.
Academic Article Osteochondral lesions of the talus: localization and morphologic data from 424 patients using a novel anatomical grid scheme.
Academic Article Stress fracture of the distal phalanx of the great toe in a professional ballet dancer: a case report.
Academic Article A specific bone marrow edema around the foot and ankle following trauma and immobilization therapy: pattern description and potential clinical relevance.
Academic Article Advanced MR imaging of the cruciate ligaments.
Academic Article Incidence and morphologic characteristics of benign calcaneal cystic lesions on MRI.
Academic Article Advanced MR imaging of the cruciate ligaments.
Academic Article Anterior cruciate ligament volume: analysis of gender differences.
Academic Article Musculoskeletal imaging: medicare use, costs, and potential for cost substitution.
Academic Article Imaging evaluation of foot and ankle pathology: self-assessment module.
Academic Article Bone stress injury of the ankle in professional ballet dancers seen on MRI.
Academic Article MR imaging of midfoot injury.
Academic Article Imaging of the shoulder after surgery.
Academic Article Athletic pubalgia and the "sports hernia": MR imaging findings.
Academic Article Indirect soft-tissue and osseous signs on knee MRI of surgically proven meniscal tears.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging findings in bipartite medial cuneiform - a potential pitfall in diagnosis of midfoot injuries: a case series.
Academic Article Athletic pubalgia and "sports hernia": optimal MR imaging technique and findings.
Academic Article Shoulder, hip, and knee arthrography needle placement using fluoroscopic guidance: practice patterns of musculoskeletal radiologists in North America.
Academic Article Atraumatic lateral collateral ligament complex signal abnormalities by magnetic resonance imaging in patients with osteoarthrosis of the knee.
Academic Article Prediction of midfoot instability in the subtle Lisfranc injury. Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging with intraoperative findings.
Academic Article Osteochondral lesions of the distal tibial plafond: localization and morphologic characteristics with an anatomical grid.
Academic Article Association of glenoid morphology and anterosuperior labral variation.
Academic Article Bone marrow changes on MRI: self-assessment module.
Academic Article Role of magnetic resonance imaging in perioperative assessment of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans.
Academic Article Injury of the posterior ligamentous complex of the thoracolumbar spine: a prospective evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Sports Injuries Involving the Ankle.
Academic Article Utility of opposed-phase magnetic resonance imaging in differentiating sarcoma from benign bone lesions.
Academic Article Advanced MRI Techniques for Assessing Marrow Abnormalities of the Spine.
Academic Article MRI nomenclature for musculoskeletal infection.
Academic Article MRI of the Knee Meniscus.
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