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Concept Hydrogels
Academic Article Domain swapping in materials design.
Academic Article Rheological properties of peptide-based hydrogels for biomedical and other applications.
Academic Article Zinc-triggered hydrogelation of a self-assembling ß-hairpin peptide.
Academic Article Encapsulation of curcumin in self-assembling peptide hydrogels as injectable drug delivery vehicles.
Academic Article Controlled biodegradation of self-assembling ß-hairpin peptide hydrogels by proteolysis with matrix metalloproteinase-13.
Academic Article Peptide-based and polypeptide-based hydrogels for drug delivery and tissue engineering.
Academic Article Enhanced mechanical rigidity of hydrogels formed from enantiomeric peptide assemblies.
Academic Article Injectable solid peptide hydrogel as a cell carrier: effects of shear flow on hydrogels and cell payload.
Academic Article Rapidly recovering hydrogel scaffolds from self-assembling diblock copolypeptide amphiphiles.
Academic Article Responsive hydrogels from the intramolecular folding and self-assembly of a designed peptide.
Academic Article Thermally reversible hydrogels via intramolecular folding and consequent self-assembly of a de novo designed peptide.
Academic Article Effect of chemistry and morphology on the biofunctionality of self-assembling diblock copolypeptide hydrogels.
Academic Article Cytocompatibility of self-assembled beta-hairpin peptide hydrogel surfaces.
Academic Article Probing the importance of lateral hydrophobic association in self-assembling peptide hydrogelators.
Academic Article Light-activated hydrogel formation via the triggered folding and self-assembly of a designed peptide.
Academic Article Controlling hydrogelation kinetics by peptide design for three-dimensional encapsulation and injectable delivery of cells.
Academic Article Reversible stiffening transition in beta-hairpin hydrogels induced by ion complexation.
Academic Article De novo design of strand-swapped beta-hairpin hydrogels.
Academic Article In vitro assessment of the pro-inflammatory potential of beta-hairpin peptide hydrogels.
Academic Article Correlations between structure, material properties and bioproperties in self-assembled beta-hairpin peptide hydrogels.
Academic Article Macromolecular diffusion and release from self-assembled beta-hairpin peptide hydrogels.
Academic Article Fast dynamics of semiflexible chain networks of self-assembled peptides.
Academic Article Peptide--silica hybrid networks: biomimetic control of network mechanical behavior.
Academic Article Hyaluronic Acid-based hydrogels containing covalently integrated drug depots: implication for controlling inflammation in mechanically stressed tissues.
Academic Article Rheology of peptide- and protein-based physical hydrogels: Are everyday measurements just scratching the surface?
Academic Article Peptide Hydrogels - Versatile Matrices for 3D Cell Culture in Cancer Medicine.
Academic Article Beta Hairpin Peptide Hydrogels as an Injectable Solid Vehicle for Neurotrophic Growth Factor Delivery.
Academic Article Hybrid, elastomeric hydrogels crosslinked by multifunctional block copolymer micelles.
Academic Article Assembly Properties of an Alanine-Rich, Lysine-Containing Peptide and the Formation of Peptide/Polymer Hybrid Hydrogels.
Academic Article Injectable solid hydrogel: mechanism of shear-thinning and immediate recovery of injectable ß-hairpin peptide hydrogels.
Academic Article Mechano-Responsive Hydrogels Crosslinked by Block Copolymer Micelles.
Grant Hydrogels from Designed Peptides
Academic Article ß-hairpin peptide hydrogels for package delivery.
Academic Article Beta-hairpin hydrogels as scaffolds for high-throughput drug discovery in three-dimensional cell culture.
Academic Article 3D Hydrogel Cultures for High-Throughput Drug Discovery.
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