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Concept Rheology
Academic Article Rheological properties of peptide-based hydrogels for biomedical and other applications.
Academic Article Encapsulation of curcumin in self-assembling peptide hydrogels as injectable drug delivery vehicles.
Academic Article Controlled biodegradation of self-assembling ß-hairpin peptide hydrogels by proteolysis with matrix metalloproteinase-13.
Academic Article Rapidly recovering hydrogel scaffolds from self-assembling diblock copolypeptide amphiphiles.
Academic Article Responsive hydrogels from the intramolecular folding and self-assembly of a designed peptide.
Academic Article Cytocompatibility of self-assembled beta-hairpin peptide hydrogel surfaces.
Academic Article Light-activated hydrogel formation via the triggered folding and self-assembly of a designed peptide.
Academic Article In vitro assessment of the pro-inflammatory potential of beta-hairpin peptide hydrogels.
Academic Article Folding, self-assembly, and bulk material properties of a de novo designed three-stranded beta-sheet hydrogel.
Academic Article Fast dynamics of semiflexible chain networks of self-assembled peptides.
Academic Article Tuning the pH responsiveness of beta-hairpin peptide folding, self-assembly, and hydrogel material formation.
Academic Article Peptide--silica hybrid networks: biomimetic control of network mechanical behavior.
Academic Article Rheology of peptide- and protein-based physical hydrogels: Are everyday measurements just scratching the surface?
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