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Academic Article Genomic sequencing and analysis of a Chinese hamster ovary cell line using Illumina sequencing technology.
Academic Article The genomic sequence of the Chinese hamster ovary (CHO)-K1 cell line.
Academic Article RNA interference of cofilin in Chinese hamster ovary cells improves recombinant protein productivity.
Academic Article Genomics in mammalian cell culture bioprocessing.
Academic Article Chinese hamster genome database: an online resource for the CHO community at
Academic Article Profiling conserved microRNA expression in recombinant CHO cell lines using Illumina sequencing.
Academic Article Optimization of protein sample preparation for two-dimensional electrophoresis.
Academic Article A two-dimensional electrophoresis map of Chinese hamster ovary cell proteins based on fluorescence staining.
Academic Article Cytochalasin D can improve heterologous protein productivity in adherent Chinese hamster ovary cells.
Academic Article Recovery of Chinese hamster ovary host cell proteins for proteomic analysis.
Academic Article Expression of difficult-to-remove host cell protein impurities during extended Chinese hamster ovary cell culture and their impact on continuous bioprocessing.
Academic Article Glyco-Mapper: A Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) genome-specific glycosylation prediction tool.
Academic Article A reference genome of the Chinese hamster based on a hybrid assembly strategy.
Academic Article Bioinformatic analysis of Chinese hamster ovary host cell protein lipases.
Academic Article Chromosome-scale scaffolds for the Chinese hamster reference genome assembly to facilitate the study of the CHO epigenome.
Academic Article DNA Double-Strand Breaks Affect Chromosomal Rearrangements during Methotrexate-Mediated Gene Amplification in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells.
Academic Article Restoration of DNA repair mitigates genome instability and increases productivity of Chinese hamster ovary cells.
Academic Article Method to transfer Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) batch shake flask experiments to large-scale, computer-controlled fed-batch bioreactors.
Academic Article Behavior of host-cell-protein-rich aggregates in antibody capture and polishing chromatography.
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