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Concept Literature
Concept Literature, Modern
Academic Article eFIP: a tool for mining functional impact of phosphorylation from literature.
Academic Article Omics-based molecular target and biomarker identification.
Academic Article Accomplishments and challenges in literature data mining for biology.
Academic Article iProLINK: an integrated protein resource for literature mining.
Academic Article RLIMS-P: an online text-mining tool for literature-based extraction of protein phosphorylation information.
Academic Article pGenN, a Gene Normalization Tool for Plant Genes and Proteins in Scientific Literature.
Academic Article RLIMS-P 2.0: A Generalizable Rule-Based Information Extraction System for Literature Mining of Protein Phosphorylation Information.
Grant Linking Text Mining and Data Mining for Biomedical Knowledge Discovery
Grant Semantic Literature Annotation and Integrative Panomics Analysis for PTM-Disease Knowledge Network Discovery
Academic Article Analysis of Protein Phosphorylation and Its Functional Impact on Protein-Protein Interactions via Text Mining of the Scientific Literature.
Academic Article iTextMine: integrated text-mining system for large-scale knowledge extraction from the literature.
Grant Protein Knowledge Networks and Semantic Computing for Disease Discovery
Academic Article COVID-19 knowledge graph from semantic integration of biomedical literature and databases.
Academic Article A crowdsourcing open platform for literature curation in UniProt.
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