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Concept Lymph Node Excision
Concept Lymph Nodes
Concept Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
Academic Article Detection of Merkel cell carcinoma polyomavirus in mucosal Merkel cell carcinoma.
Academic Article The influence of total nodes examined, number of positive nodes, and lymph node ratio on survival after surgical resection and adjuvant chemoradiation for pancreatic cancer: a secondary analysis of RTOG 9704.
Academic Article Lymph node ratio is an important and independent prognostic factor for patients with stage III melanoma.
Academic Article The metastatic/examined lymph node ratio is an important prognostic factor after pancreaticoduodenectomy for pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
Academic Article Colon cancer survival is associated with decreasing ratio of metastatic to examined lymph nodes.
Academic Article Stewart-Treves syndrome.
Academic Article Prognostic significance of lymph node metastases and ratio in esophageal cancer.
Academic Article Breast cancer with positive sentinel lymph node: now what?
Academic Article Lymphoscintigraphy in cutaneous melanoma: an updated total body atlas of sentinel node mapping.
Academic Article Completely regressed cutaneous melanocytic lesion: was it benign or was it malignant?
Academic Article Contrast-enhanced sonography for detection of secondary lymph nodes in a melanoma tumor animal model.
Academic Article Completion Dissection or Observation for Sentinel-Node Metastasis in Melanoma.
Academic Article Comparative Quantitative Lymph Node Assessment in Localized Esophageal Cancer Patients After R0 Resection With and Without Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation Therapy.
Academic Article Guidance of sentinel lymph node biopsy decisions in patients with T1-T2 melanoma using gene expression profiling.
Concept Sentinel Lymph Node
Academic Article How much time is enough? Sentinel lymph node mapping time depends on the radiotracer agent.
Academic Article Sentinel Lymph Node Identification in Post Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Surgical Excision Using Lymphosonography.
Academic Article Sentinel Lymph Node Identification in Patients With Breast Cancer Using Lymphosonography.
Academic Article Characterizing Sentinel Lymph Node Status in Breast Cancer Patients Using a Deep-Learning Model Compared With Radiologists' Analysis of Grayscale Ultrasound and Lymphosonography.
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