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Concept Signal Transduction
Academic Article Role for alpha 6 integrin during lens development: Evidence for signaling through IGF-1R and ERK.
Academic Article A signaling role for the uncleaved form of alpha 6 integrin in differentiating lens fiber cells.
Academic Article Activation of SRC kinases signals induction of posterior capsule opacification.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor receptor-1 and nuclear factor ?B are crucial survival signals that regulate caspase-3-mediated lens epithelial cell differentiation initiation.
Academic Article Integrins in lens development and disease.
Academic Article The canonical intrinsic mitochondrial death pathway has a non-apoptotic role in signaling lens cell differentiation.
Academic Article aA-Crystallin associates with a6 integrin receptor complexes and regulates cellular signaling.
Academic Article Alpha 5 integrin is a critical component of adhesion plaques in myogenesis.
Academic Article Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase is necessary for lens fiber cell differentiation and survival.
Academic Article Loss of alpha3beta1 integrin function results in an altered differentiation program in the mouse submandibular gland.
Academic Article The Hippo signaling pathway is required for salivary gland development and its dysregulation is associated with Sjogren's syndrome.
Academic Article Suppression of PI3K signaling is linked to autophagy activation and the spatiotemporal induction of the lens organelle free zone.
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