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Academic Article Recessive COL6A2 C-globular missense mutations in Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy: role of the C2a splice variant.
Academic Article Reducing the effects of intracellular accumulation of thermolabile collagen II mutants by increasing their thermostability in cell culture conditions.
Academic Article Persistence of intracellular and extracellular changes after incompletely suppressing expression of the R789C (p.R989C) and R992C (p.R1192C) collagen II mutants.
Academic Article Procollagen with skipping of alpha 1(I) exon 41 has lower binding affinity for alpha 1(I) C-telopeptide, impaired in vitro fibrillogenesis, and altered fibril morphology.
Academic Article Site-specific interaction of bone morphogenetic protein 2 with procollagen II.
Academic Article Direct quantification of the flexibility of type I collagen monomer.
Academic Article Procollagen VII self-assembly depends on site-specific interactions and is promoted by cleavage of the NC2 domain with procollagen C-proteinase.
Academic Article Stretching type II collagen with optical tweezers.
Academic Article Single amino acid substitutions in procollagen VII affect early stages of assembly of anchoring fibrils.
Academic Article The D2 period of collagen II contains a specific binding site for the human discoidin domain receptor, DDR2.
Academic Article Structural determinants of the selectivity of KTS-disintegrins for the alpha1beta1 integrin.
Academic Article Guilty by association: some collagen II mutants alter the formation of ECM as a result of atypical interaction with fibronectin.
Academic Article Single amino acid substitutions in the C-terminus of collagen II alter its affinity for collagen IX.
Academic Article Identifying the SPARC binding sites on collagen I and procollagen I by atomic force microscopy.
Academic Article High-affinity binding of the NC1 domain of collagen VII to laminin 5 and collagen IV.
Academic Article Molecular basis of organization of collagen fibrils.
Academic Article Y-position cysteine substitution in type I collagen (alpha1(I) R888C/p.R1066C) is associated with osteogenesis imperfecta/Ehlers-Danlos syndrome phenotype.
Academic Article Cells expressing partially unfolded R789C/p.R989C type II procollagen mutant associated with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia undergo apoptosis.
Academic Article Collagen fibril formation. A new target to limit fibrosis.
Academic Article R992C (p.R1192C) Substitution in collagen II alters the structure of mutant molecules and induces the unfolded protein response.
Academic Article Fluorescent protein markers to tag collagenous proteins: the paradigm of procollagen VII.
Academic Article TIMP-1 association with collagen type I overproduction in hereditary gingival fibromatosis.
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