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Concept Apoptosis
Academic Article Expression of Slug is regulated by c-Myb and is required for invasion and bone marrow homing of cancer cells of different origin.
Academic Article The biological effects of C/EBPalpha in K562 cells depend on the potency of the N-terminal regulatory region, not on specificity of the DNA binding domain.
Academic Article Regulation of microRNA-145 by growth arrest and differentiation.
Academic Article TGFß-induced c-Myb affects the expression of EMT-associated genes and promotes invasion of ER+ breast cancer cells.
Academic Article The p53 codon 72 Pro/Pro genotype identifies poor-prognosis neuroblastoma patients: correlation with reduced apoptosis and enhanced senescence by the p53-72P isoform.
Academic Article BCR-ABL suppresses C/EBPalpha expression through inhibitory action of hnRNP E2.
Academic Article BCR/ABL activates mdm2 mRNA translation via the La antigen.
Academic Article Translational regulation by the p210 BCR/ABL oncoprotein.
Academic Article Enhanced proliferative potential of hematopoietic cells expressing degradation-resistant c-Myb mutants.
Academic Article A degradation-resistant c-Myb mutant cooperates with Bcl-2 in enhancing proliferative potential and survival of hematopoietic cells.
Academic Article Activation of p53-dependent responses in tumor cells treated with a PARC-interacting peptide.
Academic Article Slug (SNAI2) down-regulation by RNA interference facilitates apoptosis and inhibits invasive growth in neuroblastoma preclinical models.
Academic Article Activity of tyrosine kinase inhibitor Dasatinib in neuroblastoma cells in vitro and in orthotopic mouse model.
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