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Academic Article Analyses of joint variance related to voluntary whole-body movements performed in standing.
Academic Article Motor abundance contributes to resolving multiple kinematic task constraints.
Academic Article Motor control theories and their applications.
Academic Article Motor equivalence and self-motion induced by different movement speeds.
Academic Article Timing variability of reach trajectories in left versus right hemisphere stroke.
Academic Article Identifying the control structure of multijoint coordination during pistol shooting.
Academic Article Motor control strategies revealed in the structure of motor variability.
Academic Article Coordination underlying the control of whole body momentum during sit-to-stand.
Academic Article Effects of varying task constraints on solutions to joint coordination in a sit-to-stand task.
Academic Article Goal-equivalent joint coordination in pointing: affect of vision and arm dominance.
Academic Article Differential joint coordination in the tasks of standing up and sitting down.
Academic Article Effect of accuracy constraint on joint coordination during pointing movements.
Academic Article Uncontrolled manifold analysis of single trials during multi-finger force production by persons with and without Down syndrome.
Academic Article Aspects of joint coordination are preserved during pointing in persons with post-stroke hemiparesis.
Academic Article Finger interaction during accurate multi-finger force production tasks in young and elderly persons.
Academic Article The effect of workspace on the use of motor abundance.
Academic Article Joint coordination during quiet stance: effects of vision.
Academic Article Stride-to-stride variability of knee motion in patients with knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Postural synergies and their development.
Academic Article Workspace location influences joint coordination during reaching in post-stroke hemiparesis.
Academic Article Effects of movement frequency and joint kinetics on the joint coordination underlying bimanual circle drawing.
Academic Article The use of flexible arm muscle synergies to perform an isometric stabilization task.
Academic Article Motor equivalent control of the center of mass in response to support surface perturbations.
Academic Article Deficits in surface force production during seated reaching in people after stroke.
Academic Article Control and estimation of posture during quiet stance depends on multijoint coordination.
Academic Article Effect of motor planning on use of motor abundance.
Academic Article Toward a new theory of motor synergies.
Academic Article What do synergies do? Effects of secondary constraints on multidigit synergies in accurate force-production tasks.
Academic Article Invited commentary.
Academic Article Does hand dominance affect the use of motor abundance when reaching to uncertain targets?
Academic Article Human Movement Training With a Cable Driven ARm EXoskeleton (CAREX).
Grant Coordination of reaching in healthy adult and stroke
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