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Academic Article ³¹P-MRS studies of melanoma xenografts with different metastatic potential.
Academic Article (31) P and (1) H MRS of DB-1 melanoma xenografts: lonidamine selectively decreases tumor intracellular pH and energy status and sensitizes tumors to melphalan.
Academic Article Regulation of intracellular pH in human melanoma: potential therapeutic implications.
Academic Article Tumor oxygenation and acidification are increased in melanoma xenografts after exposure to hyperglycemia and meta-iodo-benzylguanidine.
Academic Article Metaiodobenzylguanidine and hyperglycemia augment tumor response to isolated limb perfusion in a rodent model of human melanoma.
Academic Article Predicting melanoma metastatic potential by optical and magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Quantitative magnetic resonance and optical imaging biomarkers of melanoma metastatic potential.
Academic Article Thermal sensitisation by lonidamine of human melanoma cells grown at low extracellular pH.
Academic Article Effects of hyperglycemia on lonidamine-induced acidification and de-energization of human melanoma xenografts and sensitization to melphalan.
Academic Article Bonded Cumomer Analysis of Human Melanoma Metabolism Monitored by 13C NMR Spectroscopy of Perfused Tumor Cells.
Academic Article Comparison of the Lonidamine Potentiated Effect of Nitrogen Mustard Alkylating Agents on the Systemic Treatment of DB-1 Human Melanoma Xenografts in Mice.
Grant Modification of hyperthermia response
Academic Article Effect of Lonidamine on Systemic Therapy of DB-1 Human Melanoma Xenografts with Temozolomide.
Academic Article Effect of Differences in Metabolic Activity of Melanoma Models on Response to Lonidamine plus Doxorubicin.
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