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Academic Article Underestimation of left atrial size measured with transthoracic echocardiography compared with 3D MDCT.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of coronary CT angiography in evaluation of patients without symptoms who have positive stress test results.
Academic Article Comparative efficiency of contrast-enhanced colour Doppler ultrasound targeted versus systematic biopsy for prostate cancer detection.
Academic Article Diagnosis of coronary stenosis with CT angiography comparison of automated computer diagnosis with expert readings.
Academic Article Bifid median nerve in carpal tunnel syndrome: assessment with US cross-sectional area measurement.
Academic Article Comparison of real-time sonoelastography with T2-weighted endorectal magnetic resonance imaging for prostate cancer detection.
Academic Article Left atrial volume: comparison of 2D and 3D transthoracic echocardiography with ECG-gated CT angiography.
Academic Article Finger pulley injuries in extreme rock climbers: depiction with dynamic US.
Academic Article The added value of transvaginal sonohysterography over transvaginal sonography alone in women with known or suspected leiomyoma.
Academic Article Directed biopsy during contrast-enhanced sonography of the prostate.
Academic Article Inflammatory low back pain: high negative predictive value of contrast-enhanced color Doppler ultrasound in the detection of inflamed sacroiliac joints.
Academic Article Are transition zone biopsies still necessary to improve prostate cancer detection? Results from the tyrol screening project.
Academic Article Sixty-four-slice multidetector computed tomography: the future of ED cardiac care.
Academic Article Contrast enhanced ultrasound flash replenishment method for directed prostate biopsies.
Academic Article Targeted biopsy of the prostate: the impact of color Doppler imaging and elastography on prostate cancer detection and Gleason score.
Academic Article Independent predictors of acute appendicitis on CT with pathologic correlation.
Academic Article Accuracy of MDCT in assessing the degree of stenosis caused by calcified coronary artery plaques.
Academic Article Carpal tunnel syndrome assessment with US: value of additional cross-sectional area measurements of the median nerve in patients versus healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Differences in aortic valve area measured with CT planimetry and echocardiography (continuity equation) are related to divergent estimates of left ventricular outflow tract area.
Academic Article Comparison of image quality and arterial enhancement with a dedicated coronary CTA protocol versus a triple rule-out coronary CTA protocol.
Academic Article Is coronary stent assessment improved with spectral analysis of dual energy CT?
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