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Academic Article Cannabinoid modulation of limbic forebrain noradrenergic circuitry.
Academic Article Interaction of the mu-opioid receptor with GPR177 (Wntless) inhibits Wnt secretion: potential implications for opioid dependence.
Academic Article Blood-brain barrier abnormalities caused by exposure to HIV-1 gp120--protection by gene delivery of antioxidant enzymes.
Academic Article Contribution of limbic norepinephrine to cannabinoid-induced aversion.
Academic Article HIV-1 gp120-induced injury to the blood-brain barrier: role of metalloproteinases 2 and 9 and relationship to oxidative stress.
Academic Article Gene transfer to the cerebellum.
Academic Article Ultrastructural relationship between the mu opioid receptor and its interacting protein, GPR177, in striatal neurons.
Academic Article Ovarian hormone-induced reorganization of oxytocin-labeled dendrites and synapses lateral to the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus in female rats.
Academic Article Unraveling glutamate-opioid receptor interactions using high-resolution electron microscopy: implications for addiction-related processes.
Academic Article An evaluation of neuroplasticity and behavior after deep brain stimulation of the nucleus accumbens in an animal model of depression.
Academic Article Collateralized dorsal raphe nucleus projections: a mechanism for the integration of diverse functions during stress.
Academic Article Direct intra-accumbal infusion of a beta-adrenergic receptor antagonist abolishes WIN 55,212-2-induced aversion.
Academic Article HIV-1 Tat neurotoxicity: a model of acute and chronic exposure, and neuroprotection by gene delivery of antioxidant enzymes.
Academic Article HIV-1 gp120 upregulates matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in a rat model of HIV encephalopathy.
Academic Article Severe stress switches CRF action in the nucleus accumbens from appetitive to aversive.
Academic Article Frequency-dependent synchrony in locus ceruleus: role of electrotonic coupling.
Academic Article Ultrastructure of endomorphin-1 immunoreactivity in the rat dorsal pontine tegmentum: evidence for preferential targeting of peptidergic neurons in Barrington's nucleus rather than catecholaminergic neurons in the peri-locus coeruleus.
Academic Article Inhibiting AIDS in the central nervous system: gene delivery to protect neurons from HIV.
Academic Article Fusion-related release of glutamate from astrocytes.
Academic Article Synaptotagmin IV regulates glial glutamate release.
Academic Article Chronic very low dose naltrexone administration attenuates opioid withdrawal expression.
Academic Article Chronic morphine sensitizes the brain norepinephrine system to corticotropin-releasing factor and stress.
Academic Article Ultrastructural evidence for a role of gamma-aminobutyric acid in mediating the effects of corticotropin-releasing factor on the rat dorsal raphe serotonin system.
Academic Article Vesicular glutamate transporter-1 colocalizes with endogenous opioid peptides in axon terminals of the rat locus coeruleus.
Academic Article Hypothalamic projections to locus coeruleus neurons in rat brain.
Academic Article Differential projections of dorsal raphe nucleus neurons to the lateral septum and striatum.
Academic Article Pro-opiomelanocortin colocalizes with corticotropin- releasing factor in axon terminals of the noradrenergic nucleus locus coeruleus.
Academic Article Region-directed phototransfection reveals the functional significance of a dendritically synthesized transcription factor.
Academic Article Antagonist treatment of opioid withdrawal translational low dose approach.
Academic Article Agonist-induced internalization of corticotropin-releasing factor receptors in noradrenergic neurons of the rat locus coeruleus.
Academic Article Rat bone marrow progenitor cells transduced in situ by rSV40 vectors differentiate into multiple central nervous system cell lineages.
Academic Article Divergent projections of catecholaminergic neurons in the nucleus of the solitary tract to limbic forebrain and medullary autonomic brain regions.
Academic Article Cannabinoid receptors are localized to noradrenergic axon terminals in the rat frontal cortex.
Academic Article Ultrastructural evidence for co-localization of corticotropin-releasing factor receptor and mu-opioid receptor in the rat nucleus locus coeruleus.
Academic Article Mechanism of Src kinase induction of cortical cataract following exposure to stress: destabilization of cell-cell junctions.
Academic Article Delivering genes to the organ-localized immune system: long-term results of direct intramarrow transduction.
Academic Article Co-localization of corticotropin-releasing factor and vesicular glutamate transporters within axon terminals of the rat dorsal raphe nucleus.
Academic Article Stress-induced intracellular trafficking of corticotropin-releasing factor receptors in rat locus coeruleus neurons.
Academic Article Convergent regulation of locus coeruleus activity as an adaptive response to stress.
Academic Article Low dose naltrexone administration in morphine dependent rats attenuates withdrawal-induced norepinephrine efflux in forebrain.
Academic Article Cocaine withdrawal-induced trafficking of delta-opioid receptors in rat nucleus accumbens.
Academic Article Presynaptic inhibition of diverse afferents to the locus ceruleus by kappa-opiate receptors: a novel mechanism for regulating the central norepinephrine system.
Academic Article Evidence for beta1-adrenergic receptor involvement in amygdalar corticotropin-releasing factor gene expression: implications for cocaine withdrawal.
Academic Article Characterization of the null murine sodium/myo-inositol cotransporter 1 (Smit1 or Slc5a3) phenotype: myo-inositol rescue is independent of expression of its cognate mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit 6 (Mrps6) gene and of phosphatidylinositol levels in neonatal brain.
Academic Article In vivo trafficking of endogenous opioid receptors.
Academic Article Cannabinoids and novelty investigation: influence of age and duration of exposure.
Academic Article Effects of acute agonist treatment on subcellular distribution of kappa opioid receptor in rat spinal cord.
Academic Article Mu-opioid receptor redistribution in the locus coeruleus upon precipitation of withdrawal in opiate-dependent rats.
Academic Article HIV-1 gp120 neurotoxicity proximally and at a distance from the point of exposure: protection by rSV40 delivery of antioxidant enzymes.
Academic Article Stress-induced redistribution of corticotropin-releasing factor receptor subtypes in the dorsal raphe nucleus.
Academic Article A rat model of human immunodeficiency virus 1 encephalopathy using envelope glycoprotein gp120 expression delivered by SV40 vectors.
Academic Article The locus coeruleus: A key nucleus where stress and opioids intersect to mediate vulnerability to opiate abuse.
Academic Article Corticotropin-releasing factor in the dorsal raphe nucleus: Linking stress coping and addiction.
Academic Article Dopaminergic neurotoxicity of HIV-1 gp120: reactive oxygen species as signaling intermediates.
Academic Article Cocaine withdrawal-induced anxiety in females: impact of circulating estrogen and potential use of delta-opioid receptor agonists for treatment.
Academic Article HIV-1 gp120-induced neuroinflammation: relationship to neuron loss and protection by rSV40-delivered antioxidant enzymes.
Academic Article Characterization of cannabinoid-1 receptors in the locus coeruleus: relationship with mu-opioid receptors.
Academic Article Oxidative Stress Is Associated with Neuroinflammation in Animal Models of HIV-1 Tat Neurotoxicity.
Grant Very Low Naltrexone Treatment of Opiate Withdrawal
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