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Academic Article Noninvasive estimation of dynamic pressures in vitro and in vivo using the subharmonic response from microbubbles.
Academic Article Noninvasive LV pressure estimation using subharmonic emissions from microbubbles.
Academic Article Three-dimensional subharmonic ultrasound imaging in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article Subharmonic microbubble emissions for noninvasively tracking right ventricular pressures.
Academic Article Acute portal hypertension models in dogs: low- and high-flow approaches.
Academic Article Contrast-enhanced two- and three-dimensional sonography for evaluation of intra-abdominal hemorrhage.
Academic Article Contrast-enhanced transrectal ultrasonography of a novel canine prostate cancer model.
Academic Article Power Doppler assessment of vascular changes during fracture treatment with low-intensity ultrasound.
Academic Article Contrast-enhanced sonographic imaging of lymphatic channels and sentinel lymph nodes.
Academic Article In vivo pressure estimation using subharmonic contrast microbubble signals: proof of concept.
Academic Article In vivo perfusion estimation using subharmonic contrast microbubble signals.
Academic Article Contrast enhanced ultrasound for radio frequency ablation of canine prostates: initial results.
Academic Article Canine prostate: contrast-enhanced US-guided radiofrequency ablation with urethral and neurovascular cooling--initial experience.
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