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Concept Blood Pressure
Concept Blood-Brain Barrier
Academic Article Copeptin immunoreactivity and calcium mobilisation in hypothalamic neurones of the rat.
Academic Article Nesfatin-1 activates cardiac vagal neurons of nucleus ambiguus and elicits bradycardia in conscious rats.
Academic Article Acidic NAADP-sensitive calcium stores in the endothelium: agonist-specific recruitment and role in regulating blood pressure.
Academic Article Regulatory role of G protein-coupled estrogen receptor for vascular function and obesity.
Academic Article Sympathoinhibitory action of nociceptin in the rat spinal cord.
Academic Article Orexins/hypocretins excite rat sympathetic preganglionic neurons in vivo and in vitro.
Grant Modulation of the Blood-Brain Barrier by Novel Cannabinoid Receptors
Academic Article Acute cocaine administration alters permeability of blood-brain barrier in freely-moving rats- Evidence using miniaturized fluorescence microscopy.
Academic Article Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption Mediated by FFA1 Receptor-Evidence Using Miniscope.
Academic Article Effects of VPAC1 activation in nucleus ambiguus neurons.
Academic Article Mechanisms of modulation of brain microvascular endothelial cells function by thrombin.
Academic Article Assessment of Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability Using Miniaturized Fluorescence Microscopy in Freely Moving Rats.
Academic Article GPR55-mediated effects on brain microvascular endothelial cells and the blood-brain barrier.
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