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Concept Cadherins
Academic Article Adhesive and signaling functions of cadherins and catenins in vertebrate development.
Academic Article Effects of cardiac-restricted overexpression of the A(2A) adenosine receptor on adriamycin-induced cardiotoxicity.
Academic Article N-cadherin is dispensable for pancreas development but required for beta-cell granule turnover.
Academic Article N-cadherin and cadherin 11 modulate postnatal bone growth and osteoblast differentiation by distinct mechanisms.
Academic Article Persistence of coordinated long-term potentiation and dendritic spine enlargement at mature hippocampal CA1 synapses requires N-cadherin.
Academic Article Cortactin is required for N-cadherin regulation of Kv1.5 channel function.
Academic Article Requirement for N-cadherin-catenin complex in heart development.
Academic Article Loss of cadherin-binding proteins ß-catenin and plakoglobin in the heart leads to gap junction remodeling and arrhythmogenesis.
Academic Article N-cadherin and ß1-integrins cooperate during the development of the enteric nervous system.
Academic Article N-cadherin-mediated adhesion and signaling from development to disease: lessons from mice.
Academic Article Genetic dissection of cadherin function during nephrogenesis.
Academic Article Remodeling the intercalated disc leads to cardiomyopathy in mice misexpressing cadherins in the heart.
Academic Article Cadherin-mediated adhesion is essential for myofibril continuity across the plasma membrane but not for assembly of the contractile apparatus.
Academic Article Altering tissue tropism of Listeria monocytogenes by ectopically expressing human E-cadherin in transgenic mice.
Academic Article Inappropriate P-cadherin expression in the mouse mammary epithelium is compatible with normal mammary gland function.
Academic Article N-cadherin is not essential for limb mesenchymal chondrogenesis.
Academic Article Induced deletion of the N-cadherin gene in the heart leads to dissolution of the intercalated disc structure.
Academic Article Vascular function and sphingosine-1-phosphate regulate development of the dorsal pancreatic mesenchyme.
Academic Article N-cadherin acts upstream of VE-cadherin in controlling vascular morphogenesis.
Academic Article Cardiac-specific loss of N-cadherin leads to alteration in connexins with conduction slowing and arrhythmogenesis.
Academic Article Dysregulation of cell adhesion proteins and cardiac arrhythmogenesis.
Academic Article Accentuated ovariectomy-induced bone loss and altered osteogenesis in heterozygous N-cadherin null mice.
Academic Article N-cadherin is required for neural crest remodeling of the cardiac outflow tract.
Academic Article N-cadherin mediates cortical organization in the mouse brain.
Academic Article N-cadherin haploinsufficiency affects cardiac gap junctions and arrhythmic susceptibility.
Academic Article Lack of evidence that hematopoietic stem cells depend on N-cadherin-mediated adhesion to osteoblasts for their maintenance.
Academic Article N-cadherin expression level distinguishes reserved versus primed states of hematopoietic stem cells.
Academic Article Co-operative roles for E-cadherin and N-cadherin during lens vesicle separation and lens epithelial cell survival.
Academic Article Hematopoietic stem cells do not depend on N-cadherin to regulate their maintenance.
Academic Article Stage-dependent modes of Pax6-Sox2 epistasis regulate lens development and eye morphogenesis.
Academic Article Which FGF ligands are involved in lens induction?
Academic Article N-cadherin haploinsufficiency increases survival in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article N-cadherin and Cx43alpha1 gap junctions modulates mouse neural crest cell motility via distinct pathways.
Academic Article Dorsal pancreas agenesis in N-cadherin- deficient mice.
Academic Article Modulation of mouse neural crest cell motility by N-cadherin and connexin 43 gap junctions.
Academic Article Differential adhesion leads to segregation and exclusion of N-cadherin-deficient cells in chimeric embryos.
Academic Article Rescuing the N-cadherin knockout by cardiac-specific expression of N- or E-cadherin.
Academic Article Postnatal lethality of P-cadherin/desmoglein 3 double knockout mice: demonstration of a cooperative effect of these cell adhesion molecules in tissue homeostasis of stratified squamous epithelia.
Academic Article The generation and in vivo differentiation of murine embryonal stem cells genetically null for either N-cadherin or N- and P-cadherin.
Academic Article Adhesive subdivisions intrinsic to the epithelial somites.
Academic Article N-cadherin-mediated human granulosa cell adhesion prevents apoptosis: a role in follicular atresia and luteolysis?
Academic Article N-cadherin/catenin-mediated morphoregulation of somite formation.
Academic Article Precocious mammary gland development in P-cadherin-deficient mice.
Academic Article Fusion competence of myoblasts rendered genetically null for N-cadherin in culture.
Academic Article Developmental defects in mouse embryos lacking N-cadherin.
Academic Article N-cadherin/catenin complex as a master regulator of intercalated disc function.
Academic Article N-Cadherin Induction by ECM Stiffness and FAK Overrides the Spreading Requirement for Proliferation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells.
Grant Alpha-Catenins in Mechanochemical Signaling
Grant The Role of N-cadherin in Tumor Progresion
Grant N-cadherin and Metastatic Dissemination
Grant Cadherin/Catenin Function in Arrhythmogenesis
Academic Article N-cadherin regulates signaling mechanisms required for lens fiber cell elongation and lens morphogenesis.
Academic Article Niche Cadherins Control the Quiescence-to-Activation Transition in Muscle Stem Cells.
Grant Mechanotransduction in Heart Development and Regeneration
Academic Article Cardiomyocyte orientation modulated by the Numb family proteins-N-cadherin axis is essential for ventricular wall morphogenesis.
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