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Concept Bacteriophages
Concept Bacteriophage P22
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Concept Bacteriophage T4
Concept Bacteriophage T7
Academic Article Crystallization of the nonameric small terminase subunit of bacteriophage P22.
Academic Article Peering down the barrel of a bacteriophage portal: the genome packaging and release valve in p22.
Academic Article Three-dimensional structure of a viral genome-delivery portal vertex.
Academic Article Atomic structure of bacteriophage Sf6 tail needle knob.
Academic Article Structure of p22 headful packaging nuclease.
Academic Article The tip of the tail needle affects the rate of DNA delivery by bacteriophage p22.
Academic Article Preliminary crystallographic analysis of the bacteriophage P22 portal protein.
Academic Article Bacteriophage P22 tail accessory factor GP26 is a long triple-stranded coiled-coil.
Academic Article Three-dimensional structure of the bacteriophage P22 tail machine.
Academic Article Crystallogenesis of bacteriophage P22 tail accessory factor gp26 at acidic and neutral pH.
Academic Article Binding-induced stabilization and assembly of the phage P22 tail accessory factor gp4.
Academic Article Domain organization and polarity of tail needle GP26 in the portal vertex structure of bacteriophage P22.
Academic Article Role of gene 10 protein in the hierarchical assembly of the bacteriophage P22 portal vertex structure.
Academic Article Structure of phage P22 cell envelope–penetrating needle.
Academic Article A conformational switch in bacteriophage p22 portal protein primes genome injection.
Academic Article Determination of stoichiometry and conformational changes in the first step of the P22 tail assembly.
Academic Article Foldon-guided self-assembly of ultra-stable protein fibers.
Academic Article A shifty stop for a hairy tail.
Academic Article Structural plasticity of the phage P22 tail needle gp26 probed with xenon gas.
Academic Article An evolutionarily conserved family of virion tail needles related to bacteriophage P22 gp26: correlation between structural stability and length of the alpha-helical trimeric coiled coil.
Academic Article Architecture of the Complex Formed by Large and Small Terminase Subunits from Bacteriophage P22.
Academic Article A Tail of Phage Adhesins.
Academic Article DNA Conformational Changes Play a Force-Generating Role during Bacteriophage Genome Packaging.
Academic Article Portal Protein: The Orchestrator of Capsid Assembly for the dsDNA Tailed Bacteriophages and Herpesviruses.
Academic Article Biophysical analysis of Pseudomonas-phage PaP3 small terminase suggests a mechanism for sequence-specific DNA-binding by lateral interdigitation.
Academic Article Cryo-EM structure of the periplasmic tunnel of T7 DNA-ejectosome at 2.7 Å resolution.
Academic Article Expression and purification of phage T7 ejection proteins for cryo-EM analysis.
Academic Article Cryo-EM Structure of a Kinetically Trapped Dodecameric Portal Protein from the Pseudomonas-phage PaP3.
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