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Concept Particle Size
Academic Article Ultrafine particles near a roadway intersection: origin and apportionment of fast changes in concentration.
Academic Article New particle formation and growth in the troposphere.
Academic Article Size-dependent reactions of ammonium bisulfate clusters with dimethylamine.
Academic Article Apportionment of motor vehicle emissions from fast changes in number concentration and chemical composition of ultrafine particles near a roadway intersection.
Academic Article Structure and energetics of nanometer size clusters of sulfuric acid with ammonia and dimethylamine.
Academic Article Quantitative assessment of the sulfuric acid contribution to new particle growth.
Academic Article Mass spectrometry of individual particles between 50 and 750 nm in diameter at the Baltimore Supersite.
Academic Article Chemical characterization of individual, airborne sub-10-nm particles and molecules.
Academic Article Chemistry of particle inception and growth during alpha-pinene ozonolysis.
Academic Article Nanoparticle mass spectrometry: pushing the limit of single particle analysis.
Academic Article Oligomers in the early stage of biogenic secondary organic aerosol formation and growth.
Academic Article Time-resolved chemical composition of individual nanoparticles in urban air.
Academic Article Reactive uptake of trimethylamine into ammonium nitrate particles.
Academic Article Flow interface for charge-reduced electrospray of nanoparticle solutions.
Academic Article Aerosol Formation from OH Oxidation of the Volatile Cyclic Methyl Siloxane (cVMS) Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane.
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