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Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article A test of the role of the medial temporal lobe in single-word decoding.
Academic Article A test of the role of two prefrontal/ subcortical networks in the "sequencing" of non-motor, visuo-spatial information.
Academic Article Quantitative functional MR imaging of the visual cortex at 1.5 T as a function of luminance contrast in healthy volunteers and patients with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article BOLD fMRI of the visual cortex: quantitative responses measured with a graded stimulus at 1.5 Tesla.
Academic Article The brain's response to incidental intruded words during focal text processing.
Academic Article Regional brain activation associated with different performance patterns during learning of a complex motor skill.
Academic Article Functional MRI predicts post-surgical memory following temporal lobectomy.
Academic Article Predicting seizure frequency after epilepsy surgery.
Academic Article Functional magnetic resonance imaging analysis of attention to one's heartbeat.
Academic Article Evaluation of neurologic deficit without apparent cause: the importance of a multidisciplinary approach.
Academic Article Hippocampal volumetry and functional MRI of memory in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Grant Identify abnormal neurocognitive circuits in temporal lobe epilepsy
Academic Article Presurgical thalamic "hubness" predicts surgical outcome in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article Multiple-brain systems dynamically interact during tonic and phasic states to support language integrity in temporal lobe epilepsy.
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