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Concept Enzyme Inhibitors
Concept Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerases
Concept Protein Kinase Inhibitors
Academic Article The Zn3 domain of human poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1) functions in both DNA-dependent poly(ADP-ribose) synthesis activity and chromatin compaction.
Academic Article Crystal structures of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1) zinc fingers bound to DNA: structural and functional insights into DNA-dependent PARP-1 activity.
Academic Article Resistance of Akt kinases to dephosphorylation through ATP-dependent conformational plasticity.
Academic Article Autoregulation of kinase dephosphorylation by ATP binding in AGC protein kinases.
Academic Article Structural basis for DNA damage-dependent poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation by human PARP-1.
Academic Article A third zinc-binding domain of human poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 coordinates DNA-dependent enzyme activation.
Academic Article Discovery and Structure-Activity Relationship of Novel 2,3-Dihydrobenzofuran-7-carboxamide and 2,3-Dihydrobenzofuran-3(2H)-one-7-carboxamide Derivatives as Poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase-1 Inhibitors.
Grant Structural Biochemistry of PARP-1
Academic Article Fluorescent sensors of PARP-1 structural dynamics and allosteric regulation in response to DNA damage.
Academic Article Post-transcriptional regulation of PARG mRNA by HuR facilitates DNA repair and resistance to PARP inhibitors.
Academic Article Design and Synthesis of Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase Inhibitors: Impact of Adenosine Pocket-Binding Motif Appendage to the 3-Oxo-2,3-dihydrobenzofuran-7-carboxamide on Potency and Selectivity.
Academic Article Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 antagonizes DNA resection at double-strand breaks.
Concept Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase-1
Concept Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase Inhibitors
Academic Article Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase enzymes and the maintenance of genome integrity.
Academic Article Bridging a DNA Break to Leave a Poly(ADP-Ribose) Mark on Chromatin.
Academic Article Clinical PARP inhibitors do not abrogate PARP1 exchange at DNA damage sites in vivo.
Academic Article Dynamics of the HD regulatory subdomain of PARP-1; substrate access and allostery in PARP activation and inhibition.
Academic Article HPF1 dynamically controls the PARP1/2 balance between initiating and elongating ADP-ribose modifications.
Academic Article Mechanisms of Nucleosome Reorganization by PARP1.
Academic Article A two-step mechanism governing PARP1-DNA retention by PARP inhibitors.
Academic Article Allosteric regulation of DNA binding and target residence time drive the cytotoxicity of phthalazinone-based PARP-1 inhibitors.
Academic Article Clinical PARP inhibitors allosterically induce PARP2 retention on DNA.
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