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Concept Spinal Fractures
Academic Article Observer variability of radiographic measurements of C2 (axis) fractures.
Academic Article Correlation of C2 fractures and vertebral artery injury.
Academic Article Optimal treatment for odontoid fractures in the elderly.
Academic Article Trends in epidemiology and management of type II odontoid fractures: 20-year experience at a model system spine injury tertiary referral center.
Academic Article Reliability and reproducibility of subaxial cervical injury description system: a standardized nomenclature schema.
Academic Article Does the load-sharing classification predict ligamentous injury, neurological injury, and the need for surgery in patients with thoracolumbar burst fractures?: Clinical article.
Academic Article Similarities and differences in the treatment of spine trauma between surgical specialties and location of practice.
Academic Article Primary and secondary osteoporosis' incidence of subsequent vertebral compression fractures after kyphoplasty.
Academic Article Proposal of a modified, treatment-oriented classification of odontoid fractures.
Academic Article The thoracolumbar injury severity score: a proposed treatment algorithm.
Academic Article Failure of standard imaging to detect a cervical fracture in a patient with ankylosing spondylitis.
Academic Article Surgical decision making for unstable thoracolumbar spine injuries: results of a consensus panel review by the Spine Trauma Study Group.
Academic Article The influence of fracture mechanism and morphology on the reliability and validity of two novel thoracolumbar injury classification systems.
Academic Article Neurologic deficit following percutaneous vertebral stabilization.
Academic Article Clinical outcomes of 90 isolated unilateral facet fractures, subluxations, and dislocations treated surgically and nonoperatively.
Academic Article Acute cervical fracture or congenital spinal deformity?
Academic Article Early complications of surgical versus conservative treatment of isolated type II odontoid fractures in octogenarians: a retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Trends in surgical management for type II odontoid fracture: 20 years of experience at a regional spinal cord injury center.
Academic Article The management of spinal injuries in patients with ankylosing spondylitis or diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis: a comparison of treatment methods and clinical outcomes.
Academic Article The timing and influence of MRI on the management of patients with cervical facet dislocations remains highly variable: a survey of members of the Spine Trauma Study Group.
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