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Concept Melanoma
Concept Melanoma-Specific Antigens
Academic Article Dermatoscopy: Facts and controversies.
Academic Article Dermatoscopy: an overview--Part I: nonmelanocytic lesions.
Academic Article Dermatoscopy: an overview of subsurface morphology.
Academic Article Melanoma adapts to RAF/MEK inhibitors through FOXD3-mediated upregulation of ERBB3.
Academic Article Spitz nevus versus melanoma: limitation of the diagnostic methodology exposed.
Academic Article Pigmented Bowen's disease clinically mimicking melanoma of the nail.
Academic Article Epidermolysis bullosa nevus: an exception to the clinical and dermoscopic criteria for melanoma.
Academic Article Clinical and histologic characteristics of clinically unsuspected melanomas.
Academic Article Histopathological analysis of the progression pattern of subungual melanoma: late tendency of dermal invasion in the nail matrix area.
Academic Article Scattered atypical melanocytes with hyperchromatic nuclei in the nail matrix: diagnostic clue for early subungual melanoma in situ.
Academic Article Subungual onycholemmal cyst of the toenail mimicking subungual melanoma.
Academic Article Association of Clinical, Dermoscopic, and Histopathologic Findings With Gene Expression in Patients With Balloon Cell Melanoma.
Academic Article Evolution of a melanoma in situ to a sarcomatoid dedifferentiated melanoma.
Academic Article Sarcomatoid Dedifferentiated Melanoma: The Diagnostic Role of Next-Generation Sequencing.
Academic Article Dermatoscopy.
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