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Concept Breast Neoplasms
Concept Breast Neoplasms, Male
Academic Article Cell fate determination factor Dachshund reprograms breast cancer stem cell function.
Academic Article EYA1 Phosphatase Function Is Essential to Drive Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation through Cyclin D1.
Academic Article Acetylation of the Cell-Fate Factor Dachshund Determines p53 Binding and Signaling Modules in Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Flavopiridol and trastuzumab synergistically inhibit proliferation of breast cancer cells: association with selective cooperative inhibition of cyclin D1-dependent kinase and Akt signaling pathways.
Academic Article The role of Ink4a/Arf in ErbB2 mammary gland tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Cyclin D1 repression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma expression and transactivation.
Academic Article The inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinase 4a/alternative reading frame (INK4a/ARF) locus encoded proteins p16INK4a and p19ARF repress cyclin D1 transcription through distinct cis elements.
Academic Article Structural determinants of the BRCA1 : estrogen receptor interaction.
Academic Article DACH1 is a cell fate determination factor that inhibits cyclin D1 and breast tumor growth.
Academic Article Dachshund inhibits oncogene-induced breast cancer cellular migration and invasion through suppression of interleukin-8.
Academic Article A cyclin D1/microRNA 17/20 regulatory feedback loop in control of breast cancer cell proliferation.
Academic Article The cell fate determination factor DACH1 is expressed in estrogen receptor-alpha-positive breast cancer and represses estrogen receptor-alpha signaling.
Academic Article Cyclin D1 induction of Dicer governs microRNA processing and expression in breast cancer.
Academic Article Expression of Notch1 Correlates with Breast Cancer Progression and Prognosis.
Academic Article Enrichment of CD44 in basal-type breast cancer correlates with EMT, cancer stem cell gene profile, and prognosis.
Academic Article Expression profile of SIX family members correlates with clinic-pathological features and prognosis of breast cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article CD44 correlates with clinicopathological characteristics and is upregulated by EGFR in breast cancer.
Academic Article DACH1 suppresses breast cancer as a negative regulator of CD44.
Academic Article OK-432 (Sapylin) Reduces Seroma Formation After Axillary Lymphadenectomy in Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Recent advances of highly selective CDK4/6 inhibitors in breast cancer.
Academic Article ONC201 activates ER stress to inhibit the growth of triple-negative breast cancer cells.
Academic Article Stromal cyclin D1 promotes heterotypic immune signaling and breast cancer growth.
Academic Article MAT1 correlates with molecular subtypes and predicts poor survival in breast cancer.
Academic Article EYA2 Correlates With Clinico-Pathological Features of Breast Cancer, Promotes Tumor Proliferation, and Predicts Poor Survival.
Academic Article Dachshund 1 is Differentially Expressed Between Male and Female Breast Cancer: A Matched Case-Control Study of Clinical Characteristics and Prognosis.
Concept Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms
Academic Article RDGN-based predictive model for the prognosis of breast cancer.
Academic Article YB-1 is a positive regulator of KLF5 transcription factor in basal-like breast cancer.
Academic Article Recent advances in targeted strategies for triple-negative breast cancer.
Academic Article S100A8/A9 as a risk factor for breast cancer negatively regulated by DACH1.
Academic Article Simultaneous inhibition of FAK and ROS1 synergistically repressed triple-negative breast cancer by upregulating p53 signalling.
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