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Academic Article Hydrophobicity as a driver of MHC class I antigen processing.
Academic Article Efficient and qualitatively distinct MHC class I-restricted presentation of antigen targeted to the endoplasmic reticulum.
Academic Article Generation of CD8(+) T cell memory in response to low, high, and excessive levels of epitope.
Academic Article Presentation by recycling MHC class II molecules of an influenza hemagglutinin-derived epitope that is revealed in the early endosome by acidification.
Academic Article The impact of misfolding versus targeted degradation on the efficiency of the MHC class I-restricted antigen processing.
Academic Article Re-evaluating the generation of a "proteasome-independent" MHC class I-restricted CD8 T cell epitope.
Academic Article Epitopes derived by incidental translational frameshifting give rise to a protective CTL response.
Academic Article Rethinking peptide supply to MHC class I molecules.
Academic Article Guanylyl cyclase C-induced immunotherapeutic responses opposing tumor metastases without autoimmunity.
Academic Article Lineage-specific T-cell responses to cancer mucosa antigen oppose systemic metastases without mucosal inflammatory disease.
Academic Article Cytokine adjuvanation of therapeutic anti-tumor immunity targeted to cancer mucosa antigens.
Grant Non-proteasomal protease(s) that define C-termini of MHC class I epitopes
Grant Alternative MHCII Processing of Influenza Virus Proteins
Grant Dissecting 3 processing pathways that generate class II-restricted flu epitopes
Grant Alternative Pathways for CD4+ T Cell Epitope Generation from Influenza Antigens
Grant Accessing the MHC Class I Processing Pathway
Grant Class II Processing Delineated by Flu Glycoproteins
Grant Antigen stability as a parameter in rational T(CD8+)-targeting vaccine design
Grant Major contribution of non-classical antigen processing to Salmonella Typhimurium-specific CD4+ T cell responses
Grant Defining the MHC-II processing and presentation landscape of HIV-1
Grant Delineating the non-conventional MHC class I and class II peptidome of influenza
Academic Article Ectromelia-encoded virulence factor C15 specifically inhibits antigen presentation to CD4+ T cells post peptide loading.
Academic Article Cross-HLA targeting of intracellular oncoproteins with peptide-centric CARs.
Academic Article Regulation of the BCR signalosome by the class II peptide editor, H2-M, affects the development and repertoire of innate-like B cells.
Academic Article Retraction Note: Cross-HLA targeting of intracellular oncoproteins with peptide-centric CARs.
Academic Article Targeting of intracellular oncoproteins with peptide-centric CARs.
Academic Article MARS an improved de novo peptide candidate selection method for non-canonical antigen target discovery in cancer.
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