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Concept Liver Regeneration
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Concept Liver Failure
Academic Article Tissue-specific regulation of mouse microRNA genes in endoderm-derived tissues.
Academic Article Foxl1-Cre-marked adult hepatic progenitors have clonogenic and bilineage differentiation potential.
Academic Article Robust cellular reprogramming occurs spontaneously during liver regeneration.
Academic Article Dynamic recruitment of microRNAs to their mRNA targets in the regenerating liver.
Academic Article The proinflammatory mediators C3a and C5a are essential for liver regeneration.
Academic Article Orthogonal analysis of C/EBPbeta targets in vivo during liver proliferation.
Academic Article Identification of transcriptional networks during liver regeneration.
Academic Article Cell cycle regulation and hepatocarcinogenesis.
Academic Article CCAAT/enhancer binding protein-beta is a transcriptional regulator of peroxisome-proliferator-activated receptor-gamma coactivator-1alpha in the regenerating liver.
Academic Article Hedgehog signaling in biliary fibrosis.
Academic Article Foxl1 is a marker of bipotential hepatic progenitor cells in mice.
Academic Article Foxl1 promotes liver repair following cholestatic injury in mice.
Academic Article The role of stem cells in liver repair and fibrosis.
Academic Article A genetic screen reveals Foxa3 and TNFR1 as key regulators of liver repopulation.
Academic Article Ablation of Foxl1-Cre-labeled hepatic progenitor cells and their descendants impairs recovery of mice from liver injury.
Academic Article Protein tyrosine phosphatase of liver regeneration-1 is required for normal timing of cell cycle progression during liver regeneration.
Academic Article Fibronectin Extra Domain A Promotes Liver Sinusoid Repair following Hepatectomy.
Academic Article Clinical translation of liver regeneration therapies: A conceptual road map.
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