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Academic Article An EMG-driven biomechanical model that accounts for the decrease in moment generation capacity during a dynamic fatigued condition.
Academic Article Estimation of ligament loading and anterior tibial translation in healthy and ACL-deficient knees during gait and the influence of increasing tibial slope using EMG-driven approach.
Academic Article Paretic muscle atrophy and non-contractile tissue content in individual muscles of the post-stroke lower extremity.
Academic Article Hybrid models of the neuromusculoskeletal system improve subject-specificity.
Academic Article A real-time EMG-driven virtual arm.
Academic Article Scaling of peak moment arms of elbow muscles with upper extremity bone dimensions.
Academic Article Prediction of joint moments using a neural network model of muscle activations from EMG signals.
Academic Article A one-parameter neural activation to muscle activation model: estimating isometric joint moments from electromyograms.
Academic Article Specificity of muscle action after anterior cruciate ligament injury.
Academic Article Altered quadriceps control in people with anterior cruciate ligament deficiency.
Academic Article Muscle and tendon morphology after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament with autologous semitendinosus-gracilis graft.
Academic Article Quadriceps femoris muscle morphology and function after ACL injury: a differential response in copers versus non-copers.
Academic Article Quadriceps weakness, atrophy, and activation failure in predicted noncopers after anterior cruciate ligament injury.
Academic Article Neuromuscular function after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with autologous semitendinosus-gracilis graft.
Academic Article Estimation of muscle forces and joint moments using a forward-inverse dynamics model.
Academic Article Use of an EMG-driven biomechanical model to study virtual injuries.
Academic Article Neuromuscular biomechanical modeling to understand knee ligament loading.
Academic Article Lower extremity muscle morphology in young athletes: an MRI-based analysis.
Academic Article Tibialis anterior volumes and areas in ACL-injured limbs compared with unimpaired.
Academic Article Optimal pennation angle of the primary ankle plantar and dorsiflexors: variations with sex, contraction intensity, and limb.
Academic Article A biomechanical model to estimate corrective changes in muscle activation patterns for stroke patients.
Academic Article An EMG-driven model to estimate muscle forces and joint moments in stroke patients.
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