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Concept Antibodies
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Concept Antibodies, Neoplasm
Concept Antibodies, Viral
Concept Deltaretrovirus Antibodies
Concept HIV Antibodies
Concept Antibodies, Blocking
Concept Antibodies, Monoclonal, Murine-Derived
Concept Antibodies, Monoclonal, Humanized
Academic Article Mitochondrial and cellular toxicity induced by fialuridine in human muscle in vitro.
Academic Article Immune-mediated conditions and antibodies associated with sporadic inclusion body myositis.
Academic Article Skeletal muscle-specific immunotoxin for the treatment of focal muscle spasm.
Academic Article Fine specificity of antibodies against AQP4: epitope mapping reveals intracellular epitopes.
Academic Article Paraneoplastic anti-NMDAR encephalitis: long term follow-up reveals persistent serum antibodies.
Academic Article Inflammatory myopathies: management of steroid resistance.
Academic Article Rituximab induces sustained reduction of pathogenic B cells in patients with peripheral nervous system autoimmunity.
Academic Article Variability in the binding of anti-MAG and anti-SGPG antibodies to target antigens in demyelinating neuropathy and IgM paraproteinemia.
Academic Article Progress and stiff challenges in understanding the role of GAD-antibodies in stiff-person syndrome.
Academic Article Antibodies to sulfated glycolipids in Guillain-Barré syndrome.
Academic Article Stiff person syndrome: quantification, specificity, and intrathecal synthesis of GAD65 antibodies.
Academic Article Blockade of blocking antibodies in Guillain-Barré syndromes: "unblocking" the mystery of action of intravenous immunoglobulin.
Academic Article Sulfated glucuronyl glycolipids reacting with anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein monoclonal antibodies including IgM paraproteins in neuropathy: species distribution and partial characterization of epitopes.
Academic Article Gangliosides GM2, IV4GalNAcGM1b, and IV4GalNAcGC1a as antigens for monoclonal immunoglobulin M in neuropathy associated with gammopathy.
Academic Article Demyelination induced by intraneural injection of human antimyelin-associated glycoprotein antibodies.
Academic Article Serologic studies of MS patients, controls, and patients with other neurologic diseases: antibodies to HTLV-I, II, III.
Academic Article Tropical spastic paraparesis: clinical, immunological, and virological studies in two patients from Martinique.
Academic Article New neuromuscular symptoms after old polio ("the post-polio syndrome"): clinical studies and pathogenetic mechanisms.
Academic Article Antibody to human and simian retrovirus, HTLV-I, HTLV-II, HIV, STLV-III, and SRV-I not increased in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article From canine to man: on antibodies, macrophages, and dendritic cells in inflammatory myopathies.
Academic Article Anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with stiff-person syndrome: correlation with clinical severity.
Academic Article Paraproteins in the spinal fluid of patients with paraproteinemic polyneuropathies.
Academic Article Regenerating and denervated human muscle fibers and satellite cells express neural cell adhesion molecule recognized by monoclonal antibodies to natural killer cells.
Academic Article Anti-MAG IgM paraproteins from some patients with polyneuropathy associated with IgM paraproteinemia also react with sulfatide.
Academic Article Identification of human thymic epithelial cells with antibodies to thymosin alpha 1 in myasthenia gravis.
Academic Article Sensory neuropathy associated with monoclonal immunoglobulin M to GD1b ganglioside.
Academic Article The role of IVIg in the treatment of patients with stiff person syndrome and other neurological diseases associated with anti-GAD antibodies.
Academic Article Identification of macrophages in the muscle biopsy preparations: a comparative study using specific monoclonal antimacrophage antibodies and acid phosphatase reaction.
Academic Article Detection of poliovirus antibodies and poliovirus genome in patients with the post-polio syndrome.
Academic Article Analysis of GAD65 autoantibodies in Stiff-Person syndrome patients.
Academic Article Antiganglioside antibodies in patients with acute polio and post-polio syndrome.
Academic Article Role of the muscle in acute poliomyelitis infection.
Academic Article Acute axonal Guillain-Barré syndrome with IgG antibodies against motor axons following parenteral gangliosides.
Academic Article Autoimmunity to GABAA-receptor-associated protein in stiff-person syndrome.
Academic Article Stiff person syndrome with cerebellar disease and high-titer anti-GAD antibodies.
Academic Article Terminal latency index in neuropathy with antibodies against myelin-associated glycoproteins.
Academic Article Interplay between inflammation and degeneration: using inclusion body myositis to study "neuroinflammation".
Academic Article Do anti-ganglioside antibodies cause human peripheral neuropathies?
Academic Article B cells as therapeutic targets in autoimmune neurological disorders.
Academic Article Acetylcholine receptor antibodies as a marker of treatable fatigue in HIV-1 infected individuals.
Academic Article [Targeting B cells in multiple sclerosis. Current concepts and strategies].
Academic Article Antibodies to acidic glycolipids in Guillain-Barré syndrome and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy.
Academic Article Placebo-controlled trial of rituximab in IgM anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein antibody demyelinating neuropathy.
Academic Article Effect of Alemtuzumab (CAMPATH 1-H) in patients with inclusion-body myositis.
Academic Article Multiple antibodies to nerve glycoconjugates in a patient with neuropathy and monoclonal IgA gammopathy.
Academic Article Basic aspects of neuroimmunology as they relate to immunotherapeutic targets: present and future prospects.
Academic Article Glycine receptor antibodies in stiff-person syndrome and other GAD-positive CNS disorders.
Academic Article Immunotherapy-responsive limbic encephalitis with antibodies to glutamic acid decarboxylase.
Academic Article Autoimmune encephalitis with GABAB antibodies, thymoma, and GABAB receptor thymic expression.
Academic Article A long-term follow-up study of patients with post-poliomyelitis neuromuscular symptoms.
Academic Article Anti-MOG antibodies are frequently associated with steroid-sensitive recurrent optic neuritis.
Academic Article Immunization of mice with a peptide derived from the HTLV-1 TAX1BP1 protein induces cross-reactive antibodies against aquaporin 4.
Academic Article Close to the node but far enough: What nodal antibodies tell us about CIDP and its therapies.
Academic Article Necrotising autoimmune myopathy (NAM): antibodies seem to be specific markers in aiding diagnosis.
Academic Article Antibodies to inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptor 1 in patients with cerebellar disease.
Academic Article Anti-Neuronal Antibodies Within the IVIg Preparations: Importance in Clinical Practice.
Academic Article Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in the CSF, blood-brain barrier dysfunction, and neurological outcome: Studies in 8 stuporous and comatose patients.
Academic Article Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody detection in healthcare workers of two tertiary hospitals in Athens, Greece.
Academic Article Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Within IVIg Preparations: Cross-Reactivities With Seasonal Coronaviruses, Natural Autoimmunity, and Therapeutic Implications.
Academic Article Specificity of human IgM monoclonal antibodies from patients with peripheral neuropathy.
Academic Article Autoimmune Neurological Disorders with IgG4 Antibodies: a Distinct Disease Spectrum with Unique IgG4 Functions Responding to Anti-B Cell Therapies.
Academic Article Complement in autoimmune inflammatory myopathies, the role of myositis-associated antibodies, COVID-19 associations, and muscle amyloid deposits.
Academic Article Therapeutic Antibodies in Neurological Diseases: Witnessing the Continuation of the Impressive Success in Neuro-Immunotherapies.
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