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Academic Article Acetate causes alcohol hangover headache in rats.
Academic Article Nociceptive neuropeptide increases and periorbital allodynia in a model of traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Spontaneous trigeminal allodynia in rats: a model of primary headache.
Academic Article Remitting form of hemicrania continua with seasonal pattern.
Academic Article Convergence of cervical and trigeminal sensory afferents.
Academic Article Consecutive transcranial magnetic stimulation: phosphene thresholds in migraineurs and controls.
Academic Article Neurochemistry of trigeminal activation in an animal model of migraine.
Academic Article Episodic dural stimulation in awake rats: a model for recurrent headache.
Academic Article The first 5 minutes after greater occipital nerve block.
Academic Article Insights from experimental studies into allodynia and its treatment.
Academic Article Pain remapping in migraine: a novel characteristic following trigeminal nerve injury.
Academic Article Tension-type headache with medication overuse: pathophysiology and clinical implications.
Academic Article Region-specific disruption of the blood-brain barrier following repeated inflammatory dural stimulation in a rat model of chronic trigeminal allodynia.
Academic Article The Role of Adenosine Signaling in Headache: A Review.
Academic Article Improving research through NINDS Headache Common Data Elements.
Academic Article Accelerating Clinical Research Using Headache Common Data Elements.
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