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overview Director of Cytopathology Residency program TJUH Editor ,Comprehensive Cytopathology,3rEd,Saunders/Elsevier Editor-in-Chief Acta Cytologica Acta Cytologica Past President American Society Cytology Past President International Academy Cytology Author of 350 papers and 60 book chapters
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Concept Cell Biology
Academic Article Flow cytometry phenotyping and molecular techniques in nongynecologic cytology.
Academic Article Milestones in the publishing history of Acta Cytologica.
Academic Article Semiquantitative assessment of c-erbB-2 (HER-2) status in cytology specimens and tissue sections from breast carcinoma.
Academic Article Lung carcinoma in the era of personalized medicine: the role of cytology.
Academic Article The potential value of phosphohistone-h3 mitotic index determined by digital image analysis in the assessment of pancreatic endocrine tumors in fine-needle aspiration cytology specimens.
Academic Article George L. Wied - seventy years young.
Academic Article P16INK4A as an adjunct test in liquid-based cytology.
Academic Article Development and evaluation of automatic nucleus finding routines: thresholding of cervical cytology images.
Academic Article Stereotaxic fine needle aspiration cytology of clinically occult malignant and premalignant breast lesions.
Academic Article Comparison of manual and automated methods of liquid-based cytology. A morphologic study.
Academic Article Evaluation of the Papanicolaou stain for computer assisted cellular pattern recognition.
Academic Article Cervical cytology: descriptive statistics for nuclei of normal and atypical cell types.
Academic Article A self-learning computer program for cell recognition.
Academic Article A quality-control procedure on cervical lesions for the comparison of cytology and histology.
Academic Article Frequency and reliability of diagnostic cytology of the female genital tract.
Academic Article Resolving ASCUS without recourse to HPV testing: manual reprocessing of residual automated liquid-based cytology (ALBC) material using manual liquid-based cytology (MLBC).
Academic Article Scientific issues related to the cytology proficiency testing regulations.
Academic Article Proteomic identification of new biomarkers and application in thyroid cytology.
Academic Article Potential of the in situ polymerase chain reaction in diagnostic cytology.
Academic Article How technology is reshaping the practice of nongynecologic cytology: frontiers of cytology symposium.
Academic Article Expression of K homology domain containing protein (KOC) in pancreatic cytology with corresponding histology.
Academic Article Our journey towards improved accuracy in cytology: the role of new technologies.
Academic Article Using a CompuCyte Pathfinder to evaluate cytotechnology student diagnostic performance.
Academic Article Overview of nongynecological samples prepared with liquid-based cytology medium.
Academic Article Diagnostic Yield of Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology of Porta Hepatis Lesions: A Retrospective Study.
Academic Article Review of Cytology Practice at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital before and after High-Risk Human Papillomavirus Testing.
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