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Concept Peptide Fragments
Academic Article Protein- and peptide-modified synthetic polymeric biomaterials.
Academic Article Integrin-mediated adhesion and proliferation of human MSCs elicited by a hydroxyproline-lacking, collagen-like peptide.
Academic Article Manipulation of hydrogel assembly and growth factor delivery via the use of peptide-polysaccharide interactions.
Academic Article Peptide-functionalized poly(ethylene glycol) star polymers: DNA delivery vehicles with multivalent molecular architecture.
Academic Article Manipulation of electrostatic and saccharide linker interactions in the design of efficient glycopolypeptide-based cholera toxin inhibitors.
Academic Article Thermoresponsive self-assembly of nanostructures from a collagen-like Peptide-containing diblock copolymer.
Academic Article Top-down mass spectrometry of hybrid materials with hydrophobic peptide and hydrophilic or hydrophobic polymer blocks.
Academic Article Noncovalent Modulation of the Inverse Temperature Transition and Self-Assembly of Elastin-b-Collagen-like Peptide Bioconjugates.
Academic Article Collagen-like peptides and peptide-polymer conjugates in the design of assembled materials.
Academic Article Peptide- and protein-mediated assembly of heparinized hydrogels.
Academic Article Assembly Properties of an Alanine-Rich, Lysine-Containing Peptide and the Formation of Peptide/Polymer Hybrid Hydrogels.
Academic Article Nanoparticle Formation from Hybrid, Multiblock Copolymers of Poly(Acrylic Acid) and VPGVG Peptide.
Grant Collagen turnover-stimulated gene delivery to enhance chronic wound repair
Academic Article Transition from disordered aggregates to ordered lattices: kinetic control of the assembly of a computationally designed peptide.
Academic Article Collagen-Like Peptide Bioconjugates.
Academic Article Thermoresponsive Elastin-b-Collagen-Like Peptide Bioconjugate Nanovesicles for Targeted Drug Delivery to Collagen-Containing Matrices.
Grant Collagen-based targeting for improving delivery and efficacy of osteoarthritis drugs
Academic Article ECM turnover-stimulated gene delivery through collagen-mimetic peptide-plasmid integration in collagen.
Academic Article Responsive Hybrid (Poly)peptide-Polymer Conjugates.
Academic Article Sequence and Conformational Analysis of Peptide-Polymer Bioconjugates by Multidimensional Mass Spectrometry.
Academic Article Self-assembly and soluble aggregate behavior of computationally designed coiled-coil peptide bundles.
Academic Article Effect of Peptide Sequence on the LCST-Like Transition of Elastin-Like Peptides and Elastin-Like Peptide-Collagen-Like Peptide Conjugates: Simulations and Experiments.
Academic Article Self-Assembly of Stable Nanoscale Platelets from Designed Elastin-like Peptide-Collagen-like Peptide Bioconjugates.
Academic Article Covalent co-assembly between resilin-like polypeptide and peptide amphiphile into hydrogels with controlled nanostructure and improved mechanical properties.
Academic Article Encapsulation of collagen mimetic peptide-tethered vancomycin liposomes in collagen-based scaffolds for infection control in wounds.
Academic Article Manipulation of the dually thermoresponsive behavior of peptide-based vesicles through modification of collagen-like peptide domains.
Academic Article Fine structural tuning of the assembly of ECM peptide conjugates via slight sequence modifications.
Academic Article Placement of Tyrosine Residues as a Design Element for Tuning the Phase Transition of Elastin-peptide-containing Conjugates: Experiments and Simulations.
Grant COATs: Collagen-mimetic peptide and therapeutic gene-modified collagens for cell-mediated healing of diabetic foot ulcers
Academic Article Peptide-based assembled nanostructures that can direct cellular responses.
Academic Article Controlled Delivery of Vancomycin from Collagen-tethered Peptide Vehicles for the Treatment of Wound Infections.
Academic Article Controlled Release of Drugs from Extracellular Matrix-Derived Peptide-Based Nanovesicles through Tailored Noncovalent Interactions.
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