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Concept Peptides
Concept Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins
Academic Article Protein- and peptide-modified synthetic polymeric biomaterials.
Academic Article Multivalent protein polymers with controlled chemical and physical properties.
Academic Article Conformational and aggregation properties of a PEGylated alanine-rich polypeptide.
Academic Article Integrin-mediated adhesion and proliferation of human MSCs elicited by a hydroxyproline-lacking, collagen-like peptide.
Academic Article Elastomeric polypeptides.
Academic Article Incorporation of azides into recombinant proteins for chemoselective modification by the Staudinger ligation.
Academic Article Conformation and assembly of polypeptide scaffolds in templating the synthesis of silica: an example of a polylysine macromolecular "switch".
Academic Article Rearrangement of lipid ordered phases upon protein adsorption due to multiple site binding.
Academic Article Manipulation of hydrogel assembly and growth factor delivery via the use of peptide-polysaccharide interactions.
Academic Article Evaluation of conformation and association behavior of multivalent alanine-rich polypeptides.
Academic Article Materials science. Polymer therapeutics.
Academic Article Peptide-functionalized poly(ethylene glycol) star polymers: DNA delivery vehicles with multivalent molecular architecture.
Academic Article Heparin-mimetic sulfated peptides with modulated affinities for heparin-binding peptides and growth factors.
Academic Article Synthetic polypeptide adsorption to Cu-IDA containing lipid films: a model for protein-membrane interactions.
Academic Article Modulation of self-association and subsequent fibril formation in an alanine-rich helical polypeptide.
Academic Article Supramolecular assembly of electrostatically stabilized, hydroxyproline-lacking collagen-mimetic peptides.
Academic Article One-dimensional gold nanoparticle arrays by electrostatically directed organization using polypeptide self-assembly.
Academic Article Macromolecule-induced assembly of coiled-coils in alternating multiblock polymers.
Academic Article Biofunctionalization of PEDOT films with laminin-derived peptides.
Academic Article Predicting unfolding thermodynamics and stable intermediates for alanine-rich helical peptides with the aid of coarse-grained molecular simulation.
Academic Article Computationally designed peptides for self-assembly of nanostructured lattices.
Academic Article Collagen-like peptides and peptide-polymer conjugates in the design of assembled materials.
Academic Article Controlling assembly of helical polypeptides via PEGylation strategies.
Academic Article Hydrophilic elastomeric biomaterials based on resilin-like polypeptides.
Grant Highly resilient, hydrophilic bioelastomers for engineering vocal fold tissue
Academic Article Collagen-Like Peptide Bioconjugates.
Academic Article Integration of growth factor gene delivery with collagen-triggered wound repair cascades using collagen-mimetic peptides.
Grant Collagen-based targeting for improving delivery and efficacy of osteoarthritis drugs
Academic Article Nanotubes, Plates, and Needles: Pathway-Dependent Self-Assembly of Computationally Designed Peptides.
Academic Article Effect of Peptide Sequence on the LCST-Like Transition of Elastin-Like Peptides and Elastin-Like Peptide-Collagen-Like Peptide Conjugates: Simulations and Experiments.
Academic Article Characterizing aggregate growth and morphology of alanine-rich polypeptides as a function of sequence chemistry and solution temperature from scattering, spectroscopy, and microscopy.
Academic Article Alteration of Microstructure in Biopolymeric Hydrogels via Compositional Modification of Resilin-Like Polypeptides.
Academic Article Therapeutic nanocarriers comprising extracellular matrix-inspired peptides and polysaccharides.
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