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overview Transcriptional regulation of cytokine functions in airway cells. ASM cells respond to many cytokines, growth factors and lipid mediators to produce a wide array of immuno-modulatory molecules which may in turn orchestrate and perpetuate the disease process in asthma. Our goals are to identify intracellular signaling pathways by which cytokines modulate or induce these cellular responses. A focus of this project is to investigate the transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms regulating cytokine functions in ASM cells.
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Concept Cytokines
Academic Article Cytokines alter glucocorticoid receptor phosphorylation in airway cells: role of phosphatases.
Academic Article Early hepatic cytokine mRNA expression in experimental rat fasciolosis.
Academic Article Early hepatic immune response in rats infected with Fasciola hepatica.
Academic Article Bradykinin induces interleukin-6 production in human airway smooth muscle cells: modulation by Th2 cytokines and dexamethasone.
Academic Article Bronchial hyperresponsiveness: insights into new signaling molecules.
Academic Article Synthetic responses in airway smooth muscle.
Academic Article Cytokines induce an early steroid resistance in airway smooth muscle cells: novel role of interferon regulatory factor-1.
Academic Article Airway smooth muscle cell as an inflammatory cell: lessons learned from interferon signaling pathways.
Academic Article Noncontractile functions of airway smooth muscle cells in asthma.
Academic Article Airway smooth muscle as an immunomodulatory cell.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation of cytokine function in airway smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article Social stress enhances allergen-induced airway inflammation in mice and inhibits corticosteroid responsiveness of cytokine production.
Academic Article Glucocorticoid receptor interacting protein-1 restores glucocorticoid responsiveness in steroid-resistant airway structural cells.
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