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Concept Blood Platelets
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Academic Article Platelet RNA chips dip into thrombocytosis.
Academic Article The 9p21.3 locus: platelets enter the fray.
Academic Article MicroRNAs in platelet production and activation.
Academic Article Platelet microRNA-mRNA coexpression profiles correlate with platelet reactivity.
Academic Article Transfection of human platelets with short interfering RNA.
Academic Article Identification of a specific intronic PEAR1 gene variant associated with greater platelet aggregability and protein expression.
Academic Article Platelet biology and response to antiplatelet therapy in women: implications for the development and use of antiplatelet pharmacotherapies for cardiovascular disease.
Academic Article Human genome-wide association and mouse knockout approaches identify platelet supervillin as an inhibitor of thrombus formation under shear stress.
Academic Article Reduced inhibition by abciximab in platelets with the PlA2 polymorphism.
Academic Article Platelets of female mice are intrinsically more sensitive to agonists than are platelets of males.
Academic Article Genetic variation responsible for mouse strain differences in integrin alpha 2 expression is associated with altered platelet responses to collagen.
Academic Article Protein phosphatase 1 associates with the integrin alphaIIb subunit and regulates signaling.
Academic Article Platelet gene polymorphisms and cardiac risk assessment in vascular surgical patients.
Academic Article The Pro33 isoform of integrin beta3 enhances outside-in signaling in human platelets by regulating the activation of serine/threonine phosphatases.
Academic Article Aggregometry detects platelet hyperreactivity in healthy individuals.
Academic Article Effects of estrogen replacement therapies on mouse platelet function and glycoprotein VI levels.
Academic Article Effect of platelet antigen polymorphism on platelet inhibition by aspirin, clopidogrel, or their combination.
Academic Article Molecular mechanisms of prothrombotic risk due to genetic variations in platelet genes: Enhanced outside-in signaling through the Pro33 variant of integrin beta3.
Academic Article Relation between atherosclerosis risk factors and aspirin resistance in a primary prevention population.
Academic Article Effect of genetic variations in platelet glycoproteins Ibalpha and VI on the risk for coronary heart disease events in postmenopausal women taking hormone therapy.
Academic Article Heritability of platelet responsiveness to aspirin in activation pathways directly and indirectly related to cyclooxygenase-1.
Academic Article R93W mutation in Orai1 causes impaired calcium influx in platelets.
Academic Article Platelet genomics beats the catch-22.
Academic Article Dengue platelets meet Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Academic Article Human platelet microRNA-mRNA networks associated with age and gender revealed by integrated plateletomics.
Academic Article Common variants in the human platelet PAR4 thrombin receptor alter platelet function and differ by race.
Academic Article Anti-miR-148a regulates platelet Fc?RIIA signaling and decreases thrombosis in vivo in mice.
Academic Article Personalized medicine in thrombosis: back to the future.
Academic Article A high-throughput sequencing test for diagnosing inherited bleeding, thrombotic, and platelet disorders.
Grant Variation in platelet function: human PAR4 functional genomics
Grant Basic and Clinical Research Training in Thrombosis
Grant MicroRNA function in human megakarocytes
Grant Postmenopause CHD risk: Platelet genes &hormone therapy
Academic Article A function-blocking PAR4 antibody is markedly antithrombotic in the face of a hyperreactive PAR4 variant.
Academic Article Effects of genetic variation in protease activated receptor 4 after an acute coronary syndrome: Analysis from the TRACER trial.
Academic Article Anti-apoptotic BCL2L2 increases megakaryocyte proplatelet formation in cultures of human cord blood.
Academic Article Human megakaryocytes possess intrinsic anti-viral immunity through regulated induction of IFITM3.
Academic Article One over PAR or one under PAR: vive la différence.
Academic Article miR-125a-5p Regulates Megakaryocyte Proplatelet Formation Via the Actin Bundling Protein L-Plastin.
Academic Article CRISPR-edited megakaryocytes for rapid screening of platelet gene functions.
Academic Article Megakaryocyte-specific knockout of the Mir-99b/let7e/125a cluster lowers platelet count without altering platelet function.
Academic Article Neutrophil Cathepsin G Proteolysis of Protease Activated Receptor 4 Generates a Novel, Functional Tethered Ligand.
Academic Article MAPK-interacting kinase 1 regulates platelet production, activation, and thrombosis.
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